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Catalina's Hideout

Catalina's Hideout as seen in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Also Known as: Fern Ridge Save Point
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas
House Style: Wood Cabin
Occupant(s): Carl Johnson
Catalina (formerly)
Unlocked After: First Base
 Catalina's Hideout is a safehouse located in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, down a dirt road in Fern Ridge of Red County. It is apparently the home of Catalina while she stays in San Andreas. It contains a save spot in front of the house. It also triggers four missions in four towns in the countryside. The interior of the house is inaccessible to the player, but during a cutscene for one mission, Carl and Catalina are inside, where they can be heard having sex.

To the right of the house, there is a Buffalo parked and unlocked.

Interestingly enough, there are makeshift graves to the left of the cabin, with a shovel, implying the fate of anyone who crosses Catalina.

Mission Appearances

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