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The Ceiling Height Limit is a limit designed by Rockstar to limit the height that be reached by the player. The limit is not the same in every Grand Theft Auto game. In Grand Theft Auto III, there is no limit. The main reason of putting a height limit is to prevent the player from reaching altitudes higher than what the developers intended. Editing this limit is difficult as it is hardcoded into the EXE.

Ceiling Height Limit in GTA

GTA Ceiling Height Limit
GTA Vice City - Liberty City Stories - Vice City Stories 75 m (246 ft)
GTA San Andreas 850 m (2805 ft)
GTA IV 350 m (1148 ft)
GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony 700 m (2296 ft)
GTA V 2470 m (8100 ft)


  • In all games with a height limit, it is possible to exceed the height limit by a few meters by flying upwards quickly. Note that this process only lasts a few seconds before you start dropping.
  • GTA V has the highest ceiling limit to date.
  • The easiet and fastest way to reach a high altitude in GTA V is to use the P-996 Lazer and fly directly upwards.


  • In GTA SA, you can pass the ceiling hight limit by activating the "Cars Float Away When Hit" Cheat. You can try htting the car you want to float off with another vehicle, quickly exit the vehicle and enter the floating vehicle, and you can drive off into the sky as high as you can.

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