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Cerveza Barracho

Cerveza Barracho

Cerveza Barracho is a beer company in the Grand Theft Auto IV Era. It sponsors the first segment of the Venturas Poker Challenge and the #34 Bati Custom motorcycle in The Lost and Damned. The slogan for Cerveza Barracho is: "Because when you got a full house, ES PLAYTIME!"

Grand Theft Auto V

A Cerveza Barracho adverstisement poster can be seen in the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer. And in GTA V, Cerveza Barracho will have appearences in-game on beer bottles.


  • Cerveza Barracho is apparently a parody of the Mexican beer brand Corona.
  • The name is a misspelling of "Cerveza Borracho", Spanish for "Drunkard Beer".

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