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Game: Grand Theft Auto V
For: Isiah Friedlander
Location: Del Perro
Conditions of mission failure: N/A
Reward: N/A
Protagonist(s): Michael De Santa
Unlocked by: Marriage Counseling
"You're plainly addicted to chaos."
―Dr. Frieldander

Chaos is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V. This mission is the first full session in GTA V between Michael De Santa and Isiah Friedlander.


Chaos is unlocked after the mission Marriage Counseling, Dr. Friedlander will call Michael after the mission, saying that Michael needs to met him at his clinic for a new session. The mission will become available and can be completed any time before the mission The Jewel Store Job.


What Michael says at the beginning of the session, depends on what mission the player did before the session:

  • Marriage Counseling - Michael talks about the incident where he pulled Martin Madrazo's house off the hills, saying that he is back in the "life" and that now he needs to make some money and there's only a couple of ways he knows how to do it. Dr. Friedlander says that Michael feels a need to explain every decision he makes, and that he needs to take more responsability for his actions.
  • Friend Request - Michael says that since he pulled Madrazo's house off the hills, the only thing that he has been doing is killing and robbing. He says that he joined an old associate and he got a new friend too, and now his life is out of control. Dr. Friedlander says that this sounds like a lot of denial and it is really worrying.

Isiah then asks Michael if he had any other 'violent' urges, Michael's response will depend of the player's actions in the game, sometimes Michael will say that he feels like two different people and that he doesn't like neither of then, he can also say that he hurts other people without thinking and then feel bad about what he did, and other times he might say that he killed someone on the way to the clinic and that he is a sick hypocrite. Regardless of what Michael will say, Friedlander will give an advice that the player can accept or reject.

  • Reject advice - Michael will say that everyone makes mistakes and that he is not trying to be perfect.
  • Accept advice - Michael will say that he just wants to be happy.

Friedlander then asks Michael about his sexual behavior, again Michael's response depends on the player's actions: if the player did not sleep with any prostitute or booty call, Michael will say that he had thoughts but didn't have any problems or he may say that he has been a good boy and didn't have any problems at all. On the other hand, if the player sleeped with an prostitute or booty call, Michael will say that he got lonely and called an girl. Friedlander will repress Michael if he confess this.

The session continues until Michael has a breakthrough about his life, but is interrupted by Isiah who says that they've already spend all their time and should continue the conversation in the next session.

The session ends and Michael will pay $500 dollars to Dr. Friedlander.


  • The name of the mission comes from the phrase "You're plainly addicted to chaos", said by Friedlander during the session. This phrase was also used in Michael's Character Trailer.
  • Michael reveals during the session that he dreamed about a career in football during high school.
  • A lot of the dialogue from this session appeared in Michael's Character Trailer.


The session starts at 00:26

GTA 5 - Michael's Therapy Sessions (Dr30:26

GTA 5 - Michael's Therapy Sessions (Dr. Friedlander)


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