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Be warned that using cheats may cause unintended side effects and/or hinder game progress.
Use cheats at your own risk.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' cheat codes are similar to those of its predecessors, requiring input of a series of controller button commands or a keyboard. When a cheat code is successfully entered, a "Cheat Activated" message will appear on the upper left corner of the screen to confirm the cheat has been entered. The following cheat codes must be entered during gameplay.

Note that the PlayStation 2 and Xbox require the use of the D-Pad (up, down, left, right), (NOTE: this is not the analog stick) for directional input. For the Xbox 360, Black is RB and White is LB.


Cheat PlayStation2-logo PC Xbox
Adrenaline effects PS3 CrossPS3 CrossPS3 SquarePS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 CrossPS3 DownPS3 LeftPS3 Cross munasef / anoseonglass XBox AXBox AXBox XXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox AXbox DownXbox LeftXBox A
Armor, health (also repairs cars if you are in one), and money ($250,000) PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 CrossPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 Up hesoyam Xbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox AXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox UpXbox LeftXbox DownXbox RightXbox Up
CJ jumps 10 times higher PS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 R2 lfgmhal / kangaroo Xbox UpXbox UpXBox YXbox UpXbox UpXbox LeftXbox RightXBox XXBox BlackXBox Black

Commit suicide (immediately)

Note: If the Unlimited Health cheat is on CJ would not die

PS3 RightPS3 L2PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 L1 szcmawo / goodbyecruelworld Xbox RightXBox WhiteXbox DownXbox RTriggerXbox LeftXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox LTrigger
Hitman level for all weapons PS3 DownPS3 SquarePS3 CrossPS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 L1 ncsgdag / professionalkiller Xbox DownXBox XXBox AXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox DownXbox DownXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Lock Wanted level (facilitates exploration of islands/cities and restricted areas before they're unlocked) PS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 TrianglePS3 Up aezakmi / ifirstdoz/ testeducationalskills XBox BXbox RightXBox XXbox RightXbox LeftXBox XXBox YXbox Up
Lower wanted level (Removes all stars) PS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 Down turndowntheheat / asnaeb Xbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXBox BXBox BlackXbox UpXbox DownXbox UpXbox DownXbox UpXbox Down
Maximum fat PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 Down btcdbcb XBox YXbox UpXbox UpXbox LeftXbox RightXBox XXBox BXbox Down
Maximum lung capacity (infinite air underwater) PS3 DownPS3 LeftPS3 L1PS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 DownPS3 L2PS3 Down cvwkxam Down, Left, L Trigger, Down, Down, Black, Down, White, Down
Maximum muscle PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 Left jysdsod / buffmeup Y, Up, Up, Left, Right, X, B, Left
Maximum respect

PS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 TrianglePS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 L2PS3 L2 PS3 L1 PS3 L1

ogxsdag / worshipme L Trigger, R Trigger, Y, DOWN, Black, A, L Trigger, UP, White, White, L Trigger, L Trigger
Maximum sex appeal

PS3 CirclePS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 CirclePS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 UpPS3 TrianglePS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 L1

bekknqv / helloladies B, Y, Y, UP, B, R Trigger, White, UP, Y, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger
Maximum stamina PS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 TrianglePS3 CrossPS3 TrianglePS3 CrossPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 Right vkypqcf / stamina Up, A, Y, A, Y, A, X, Black, Right
Maximum vehicle skills (Driving, flying, bike, cycling)

PS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 L1

naturaltalent X, White, A, R Trigger, White, White, LEFT, R Trigger, RIGHT, L Trigger, L Trigger, L Trigger
Minimum fat and Muscle

PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 Right

kvgyzqk Y, Up ,Up, Left, Right, X, B, Right
CJ Never Gets Hungry

PS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 UpPS3 Cross

aeduwnv / hungry X, White, R Trigger, Y, UP, X, White, UP, A
Raise wanted level (increases by two stars)

PS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 Right

osrblhh / turnuptheheat R Trigger, R Trigger, B, Black, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left
Six-star wanted level

PS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 CrossPS3 Down

ljspqk / bringiton B, Right, B, Right, Left, X, A Down
Slow gameplay

PS3 TrianglePS3 UpPS3 RightPS3 DownPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 R1

liyoaay / slowitdown Y, Up, Right, Down, X, Black, R Trigger
Spawn Jetpack

PS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 LeftPS3 Right

yecgaa / rocketman Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Up, Down, Left, Right
Spawn Parachute

PS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 L1

aiypwzqp Left, Right, L Trigger, White, R Trigger, Black, Black, Up, Down, Right, L Trigger

Super punches

Note: Pedestrians can also super punch. If a pedestrian punches CJ, he will be instantly killed. However, if the Unlimited Health cheat is activated, super punches do not affect CJ

PS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 CrossPS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L2

iavenjq / stinglikeabee

Up, Left, A, Y, R Trigger, B, B, B, White
Unlimited ammunition (Using this cheat will make your sound go dodgy. Found on Xbox 360 Version. This cheat also affect npc's).

PS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 SquarePS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 R2PS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 SquarePS3 DownPS3 L1PS3 L1

wanrltw / fullclip L Trigger, R Trigger, X, R Trigger, LEFT, Black, R Trigger, LEFT, X, DOWN, L Trigger, L Trigger

Unlimited health

Note: Explosions, drowning, falling, and the guns of the Police Choppers still hurt in the PS2 and Xbox versions. The guns of the Police Chopper also still hurts in the PC version.

PS3 DownPS3 CrossPS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 RightPS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 Triangle

baguvix / cainemvhzc Down, A, Right, Left, Right, R Trigger, Right, Down, Up, Y
Weapons (tier 1) (Brass Knuckles, baseball bat, 9mm, shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, Rifle, rocket launcher, Molotov Cocktail , & Spray Paint)

PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 Up

lxgiwyl R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up
Weapons (tier 2) (Fist, Knife, Desert Eagle, Sawn-Off Shotgun, TEC 9, M4 Carbine, sniper rifle, Flamethrower, Fire Extinguisher & Grenades)

PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 Left

kjkszpj / professionalskit R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Down, Left

Weapons (tier 3) (Fist, Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, SPAS 12, MP5, M4 Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher, Satchel Bomb)

PS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 Down

uzumymw R Trigger, Black, L Trigger, Black, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left , Down, Down, Down


Cheat PlayStation2-logo PC Xbox
All cars have nitrous.

Note: When modifying a car, it appears as "2x Nitro", but you will have an infinite amount. (If you not upgrade your car go exit from your vehicle and get back it will be recharged)
PS3 LeftPS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 TrianglePS3 DownPS3 CirclePS3 L2PS3 L1PS3 L1 coxefgu / speedfreak Xbox LeftXBox YXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox UpXBox XXBox YXbox DownXBox BXBox WhiteXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Cars drive on water (Amphibious cars) PS3 RightPS3 R2PS3 CirclePS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 SquarePS3 R1PS3 R2 gkpnmq [Citation needed] Xbox RightXBox BlackXBox BXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXBox XXbox RTriggerXBox Black
Flying boats

Note: Only the Speeder can take off successfully and with difficulty.
PS3 R2PS3 CirclePS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 Triangle afsnmsmw / flyingfish XBox BlackXBox BXbox UpXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox RTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox XXBox Y
Flying cars

Note: Cars take off like planes, except they have no left and right rudder.
PS3 SquarePS3 DownPS3 L2PS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 LeftPS3 UpPS3 DownPS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 LeftPS3 L1PS3 Left ripazha / chittychittybangbang XBox XXbox DownXBox WhiteXbox UpXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox UpXBox AXbox Left
Increased car speed PS3 UpPS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 UpPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 L1 lpnqmas Xbox UpXbox LTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox UpXbox RightXbox UpXBox AXBox WhiteXBox AXbox LTrigger
Improved suspensions PS3 SquarePS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 LeftPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 R2PS3 CrossPS3 CrossPS3 Cross pggomoy XBox XXBox XXBox BlackXbox LeftXbox UpXBox XXBox BlackXBox BlackXBox AXBox AXBox A
Manual weapon control in cars PS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2PS3 RightPS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 Circle ouiqdmw Xbox UpXbox UpXBox XXBox WhiteXbox RightXBox AXbox RTriggerXbox DownXBox BlackXBox B
Massive bicycle bunny hops (Jump 100 feet in air) PS3 TrianglePS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 R2 jhjoecw / cjphonehome XBox YXBox XXBox BXBox BXBox XXBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox Black
Perfect handling

Note: Infernus is recommended for this cheat.
PS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 R2PS3 L1 pggomoy/sticklikeglue XBox YXbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox BlackXbox LTrigger
Spawn Bloodring Banger PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 L2PS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 LeftPS3 Left cqzijmb / oldspeeddemon Xbox DownXbox RTriggerXBox BXBox WhiteXBox WhiteXBox AXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LeftXbox Left
Spawn Caddy PS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 Cross rzhsuew XBox BXbox LTriggerXbox UpXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXBox AXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXBox BXBox A
Spawn Dozer PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 Left eegcyxt / itsallbull XBox BlackXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox RightXbox UpXbox UpXBox AXbox LTriggerXbox Left
Spawn Hunter PS3 CirclePS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 R1PS3 R2PS3 L2PS3 L1PS3 L1 ohdude XBox BXBox AXbox LTriggerXBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox RTriggerXBox BlackXBox WhiteXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Spawn Hydra PS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 CrossPS3 L1PS3 L1PS3 DownPS3 Up jumpjet XBox YXBox YXBox XXBox BXBox AXbox LTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox DownXbox Up
Spawn Monster PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 R1PS3 DownPS3 TrianglePS3 TrianglePS3 CrossPS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 L1 agbdlcid / monstermash Xbox RightXbox UpXbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox DownXBox YXBox YXBox AXBox BXbox LTriggerXbox LTrigger
Spawn Quad PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 DownPS3 DownPS3 UpPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 CirclePS3 TrianglePS3 R1PS3 R2 akjjyglc / fourwheelfun Xbox LeftXbox LeftXbox DownXbox DownXbox UpXbox UpXBox XXBox BXBox YXbox RTriggerXBox Black
Spawn Hotring Racer (hotrina) PS3 R1PS3 CirclePS3 R2PS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 CrossPS3 CrossPS3 SquarePS3 R1 pdnejoh / vrockpokey Xbox RTriggerXBox BXBox BlackXbox RightXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXBox AXBox AXBox XXbox RTrigger
Spawn Hotring Racer (hotrinb) PS3 R2PS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 R1PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 CirclePS3 R2 vpjtqwv XBox BlackXbox LTriggerXBox BXbox RightXbox LTriggerXbox RTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox BXBox Black
Spawn Rancher PS3 UpPS3 RightPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 RightPS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2 jqntdmh Xbox UpXbox RightXbox RightXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox XXBox White
Spawn Ranger PS3 UpPS3 RightPS3 RightPS3 L1PS3 UpPS3 SquarePS3 L2 Unavailable/Unknown Xbox UpXbox RightXbox RightXbox LTriggerXbox RightXbox UpXBox XXBox White
Spawn Rhino PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 CirclePS3 L1PS3 L2PS3 R1PS3 TrianglePS3 CirclePS3 Triangle aiwprton XBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox BXBox BXBox BXbox LTriggerXBox WhiteXbox RTriggerXBox YXBox BXBox Y
Spawn Romero(Hearse) PS3 DownPS3 R2PS3 DownPS3 R1PS3 L2PS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 LeftPS3 Right aqtbcodx / wheresthefuneral Xbox DownXBox BlackXbox DownXbox RTriggerXBox WhiteXbox LeftXbox RTriggerXbox LTriggerXbox LeftXbox Right
Spawn Stretch PS3 R2PS3 UpPS3 L2PS3 LeftPS3 LeftPS3 R1PS3 L1PS3 CirclePS3 Right krijebr / celebritystatus XBox BlackXbox UpXBox WhiteXbox LeftXbox LeftXbox RTrigger