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A player-controlled Chicken.

A Chicken is an animal featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The chicken, like many other domesticated animals, does not fight back if the player initiates combat with them.


They are commonly seen around the countryside of Blaine County, but could also be found in an alleyway in Rancho, Los Santos. There are several chickens present in the Cluckin' Bell factory in Paleto Bay, who are presumably going to end up turned into fried chicken. They also can be found in a pen at the east side of the Ammunation in Sandy Shores, Grapeseed Cow Farm, and in various other locations in Blaine County.

As in real life, chickens are classified as birds, therefore, the player can control a chicken whilst eating a Peyote Plant, however, unlike all the other birds, they can't fly or even jump, making it hard or even impossible to leave some areas such as the Vinewood hotel or an island.


When approached, chickens will run away, but if the player remains still, they will gradually come back to where they were.



  • If Trevor runs over a chicken in a vehicle, he will sometimes sarcastically say, "Cluck, cluck."

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