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Chumash and Grab
Game: Grand Theft Auto Online
For: Gerald
Location: Chumash
Conditions of mission failure:
Team lives run out.
Unlocked by: Achieving level 35.
"The stickups keep getting bigger, dog. I got knowledge on a boat loaded with brown tar these Vagos eses brought up from Mexico, so much it sitting low in the water. If you can get from them at Chumash, and bring it to my people by the bridge at Lago Zancudo, I'll have some stacks for you. Look out though, they gonna have guards on land and sea."
— Description

Chumash and Grab is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Gerald. It is available for up to 4 players.


The Vagos have a boat packed up with narcotics from Mexico off of a pier in Chumash. Gerald tasks the player(s) with storming the pier, taking out the Vagos resistance and delivering the boat to his associates at a bridge in Lago Zancudo

Mission objectives

  • Go to the pier.
  • Take out the Vagos.
  • Take out the Vagos approaching to defend the boat.
  • Steal the boat.
  • Deliver the boat to the drop off.


  • The mission's name refers to the term "smash and grab" - a slang term for a breaking & entering crime or a burglary. 

Video walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Chumash and Grab Hard Difficulty05:25

GTA Online - Mission - Chumash and Grab Hard Difficulty

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