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GTA III Cinematic Camera

Cinematic Camera in GTA III.

Cinematic Camera is a unique type of camera setting that was first introduced in the 3D Universe and onwards. It allows the player to view a vehicle you're currently driving from 2nd person perspective and frequently changes as you drive further. GTA Vice City reuses the camera from GTA III but starting in GTA San Andreas, the cinematic camera was revamped, introducing different angles to choose from, (helicopter, pedestrian, etc.) and further enhanced in GTA IV and GTA V in which you can activate slow-motion and toggle while on the mission (GTA V only). In GTA Chinatown Wars, it uses classic cinematic camera from GTA III due to top-down perspective.


Before switching to Cinematic Camera, it is highly advised that your vehicle must be in good condition or without wanted level. When you notice that your vehicle is about to explode (smoke comes out from engine), switch to default camera or just bail, otherwise you'll suddenly blow up. Also, when you're surrounded by police, just drive away or get out of the vehicle or else, you'll get busted easily. Sometimes using this option can be very risky as the player may accidentally ram objects, fall off from heights, getting fired by gangs or random people, and other dangerous environments.


  • In GTA III and GTA Vice City, having this camera mode turned on will result in very few cars spawning on the streets. This makes it possible to drive at very high speed on the streets, as there are barely any vehicles blocking your way.

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