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(moved City Hall (Liberty City) to City Hall, Algonquin: To distinguish from other City Hall.)
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#REDIRECT [[City Hall, Algonquin]]
'''City Hall''' in the [[GTA III Era]] and the [[GTA IV Era]] renditions of [[Liberty City]] may refer to two things:
*[[City Hall (Staunton Island)]] - Covering [[Liberty City in GTA III Era|Liberty City]]'s City Hall in [[Grand Theft Auto III]] and [[Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories]], located at the border of [[Torrington]] and [[Newport]] in [[Staunton Island]].
*[[City Hall, Algonquin]] - Covering the neighbourhood in [[Algonquin]], [[Liberty City in GTA IV Era|Liberty City]]

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This is a disambiguation page for City Hall (Liberty City), which could mean a number of things

City Hall in the GTA III Era and the GTA IV Era renditions of Liberty City may refer to two things:

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