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Clinton Avenue, with Pitchers on the right.

Clinton Avenue is a two-way street in Vinewood Hills and Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos in GTA V that begins at Elgin Avenue and ends at Las Lagunas Boulevard, crossing Alta Street and Power Street.


  • 24/7 (enterable)
  • Adult XXX Book Store
  • Butch
  • Fruit of the Vine
  • Gem's Jewelry
  • Glitterati Clothing & Accessories
  • Happy Shark
  • Ice Planet Jewelry
  • Mano a Mano
  • Muscle Gimnasium
  • Paradise Sauna
  • Pitchers
  • SFT Pawn
  • Tool Shed

Mission Appearances




  • The street's name may be a reference to Franklin Clinton or two Vinewood actors: Clinton Aumick and Clinton Salsman. However, the possible reference to Franklin Clinton is strengthened further by the street's location in Vinewood being somewhat analogous to the location of the real-life Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles.

The funeral homage on Clinton Avenue.

  • There is a funeral homage near the intersection with Alta Street, possibly for someone who was killed on this road before the events of the game.

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