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Grand Theft Auto III features only two outfits for the protagonist Claude. He starts the game wearing the prison uniform during the Introduction and then switches to his casual clothes during the mission Give Me Liberty, which he wears for the rest of the game. An extra outfit can be seen on PC. It appears as a skin, as a redesigned default outfit. Claude has a mustache, his jacket is brown, he has light blue jeans,and white sneakers. 

Image Name
Liberty Prison Fatigues Prison Uniform
Claude-GTAIII2 Casual Clothes


  • On rare occasions, Claude and 8-Ball do not change out of their prison uniforms during the first mission, meaning that Claude will appear in the orange jumpsuit for the rest of the game and never change into his casual clothes.
  • The game can be exploited to allow Claude to don the orange Liberty State Penitentiary jumpsuit outside the first mission. Requiring a saved game, the player must first load it then start a new game. Once the cutscenes preceding the mission are over, the player must then load the saved game again, allowing Claude to appear in the jumpsuit in the saved game. By wearing the outfit, the cheat code allowing the player to assume the appearance of random pedestrians is useless as long as the player does not save the game. Otherwise, the jumpsuit remains as Claude's default attire permanently.

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