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The ability to customise the player's character in Grand Theft Auto V has also been made an ability in Grand Theft Auto Online. There is a large amount of clothing available in the game. Unlike in the single-player games, ALL clothing styles are available from each kind of store. Binco will sell the exact same things as Ponsonby's. However, you are limited to gender-appropriate items.

In addition, the option for outfits is available. Each outfit is made up of individual items, and is priced at however much each piece costs--thus, purchasing a fucsia pencil skirt will lower the price of the Extrovert business skirt outfit (as a fucsia pencil skirt is part of it).

In first-person, watches that are equipped cannot be seen on the player's arm.

Clothing Types



Item Price Level Update
Yellow Saggy $100 Hipster
Purple Saggy $125 Hipster
Lime Saggy $150 Hipster
Red Saggy $130 Hipster
White Saggy $95 Hipster
Blue Saggy $125 Hipster
Black Saggy $75
Gray Saggy $60
Black Winter Hat $35
Gray Winter Hat $35
Blue Winter Hat $35 6
Rasta Winter Hat $320 28
Gray Striped Winter Hat $185 44
Trio Knit Winter Hat $245 60
White Winter Hat $35 74
Maroon Winter Hat $40 80

Canvas Hats

Item Price Level Update
Green Canvas Hat Free Beach Bum
Gray Canvas Hat Free Beach Bum
Urban Canvas Hat Free Beach Bum
Red Canvas Hat Free Beach Bum
Floral Canvas Hat Free Beach Bum
Woodland Canvas Hat Free Beach Bum
Black Canvas Hat $60
Tan Canvas Hat $65
Green Army Cap $160
Black Army Cap $265
Gray Army Cap 10
Blue Army Cap $135 30
Desert Army Cap 46
Woodland Army Cap $560 62
Ranch Beige Army Cap 76
Ranch Brown Army Cap $130 82

Caps, Forward

Item Price Level Update
Gray LS Fitted $315 8
Black LS Fitted $415
Stank Purple $65
Fruntalot Green $65

Caps, Backward

Cap Price Level Update
Stank Purple $65
Fruntalot Green $100

Flat Caps

Flat Cap Price Level Update
White $260
Gray $215
Black $430
Navy $160
Red $200 12
Brown $155 32
Green 48
Yellow $165 64


Item Price Level Update
Black Bowler Hat $3500 Business
Gray Bowler Hat $3515 Business
Blue Bowler Hat $3530 Business
Light Gray Bowler Hat $3545 Business
Olive Bowler Hat $3560 Business
Purple Bowler Hat $3575 Business
Lobster Bowler Hat $3590 Business
Brown Bowler Hat $3605 Business
Vintage Bowler Hat $3260 Business
Cream Bowler Hat $3635 Business
Ash Bowler Hat $3560 Business
Navy Bowler Hat $3665 Business
Sliver Bowler Hat $3680 Business
White Bowler Hat $3695 Business
Black Top Hat $5000 Business
Gray Top Hat $5015 Business
Blue Top Hat $5030 Business
Light Gray Top Hat $5045 Business
Olive Top Hat $5060 Business
Purple Top Hat $5075 Business
Lobster Top Hat $5090 Business
Brown Top Hat $5105 Business
Vintage Top Hat $5120 Business
Cream Top Hat $5135 Business
Ash Top Hat $5150 Business
Navy Top Hat $5165 Business
Sliver Top Hat $5180 Business
White Top Hat $5195  Business
Gray Trilby $2150 Hipster
Black Trilby $5840 Hipster
White Trilby $2840 Hipster
Cream Trilby $4650 Hipster
Red Trilby $2700 Hipster
Black & Red Trilby $4175 Hipster
Brown Trilby $2650 Hipster
Blue Trilby $2480 Hipster

Pork Pie Hats

Pork Pie Price Level Update
Tan Free Beach Bum
Brown Free Beach Bum
Gray Free Beach Bum
White Free Beach Bum
Purple Free Beach Bum
Black Free Beach Bum
Green Free Beach Bum
Blue Free Beach Bum


Fedora Price Level Update
Pink $2995 Hipster
Red $2300 Hipster
Brown Suit Valentine
Charcoal Suit Valentine
Navy Suit Valentine
Black $1715
Ash $1550
White $3900 18
Brown 50
Green $4460 66
Navy $4970 78

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hat Price Level Update
Black $290
Brown $305
Chocolate $4170
Tan $3620
White $335 20
Chestnut $4940 36
Beige $275 52
Red $5000 68


Bandana Price Level Update
Navy $30
Red $30
Green $35 22
Purple $30 38
Camo $350 54
Yellow $35 70
White Paisley $30
Black Paisley $25


Beat Off Headphones Price Level Update
White $365
Black $380
Red $595
Gray $395
Blue $595 24
Yellow 40
Purple $590 56
Green $555 72

Ear Defenders

Ear Defenders Price Level Update
Red Ear Defenders $65
Black Ear Defenders $80
Gray Ear Defenders $85
White Ear Defenders $90
Blue Ear Defenders $65 4
Green Ear Defenders $85 26
Yellow $75 42
Desert Camo $235 58


Open-Face Price Level Update
Gray $730
White $755
Orange $750 5
Pale Blue $865 20
Red $890 35
Pink $645 50
Dirt Bike  Price Level Update
Western MC Yellow $1060
Steel Horse Blue $1400
Black $675
Steel Horse Orange $1315 15
Western MC Green $1230 30
Western MC Red $1145 45
Steel Horse Black 60
Western MC Lilac  $8750 70
Matte Black Off-Road $15750 Heist
Glossy Black Off-Road $15250 Heist
Closed Face  Price Level Update
Shatter Pattern $13850
Stars $2900
White $2925
Squared  $2895 10
Crimson $12500 25
Skull $15000 40
Ace of Spades $14750 55
Flamejob $13150 65
Matte Mirrored Biker $19500 Heist
Matte All Black Biker $17250 Heist
Glossy Mirrored Biker $20000 Heist
Glossy All Black Biker $17750 Heist

SA Flight School Hats

Special Price Level Update
Flight Cap $8500 Flight School

Bulletproof Helmet

Helmet Price Level Update
Black $20000 LTS
Gray $20300 LTS
Charcoal $20400 LTS
Tan $20700 LTS
Forest $21000 LTS

Special Hats

Item Price Level Update
Benedict Beer Hat Independence
USA Boppers Independence
USA Crown Independence
Patriotic Beanie Independence
Blue Top Foam Hat Independence
Red Top Foam Hat Independence
USA Top Hat Independence
USA Bucket Hat Independence


Suit Jackets

Items Price Level Update
Black Sports Coat $965
Gray Sports Coat $350
Slate Jacket $465
Gray Jacket $470
Blue Jacket $475
Red Sports Coat $2520
Luxury Sports Coat
Blue Sports Coat $150
Blue Rolled Jacket Heist
Black Rolled Jacket Heist
Beige Rolled Jacket Heist
Gray Rolled Jacket Heist
Blue Scruffy Jacket Heist
Black Scruffy Jacket Heist
Beige Scruffy Jacket Heist
Gray Scruffy Jacket Heist
Black Tailcoat Heist
Red Tailcoat Independence
Star Tailcoat Independence
Blue Tailcoat Independence
Cream Sports Coat Hipster
Lobster Sports Coat Hipster
Leopard Sports Coat Hipster
Pink Sports Coat Hipster
Sky Blue Sports Coat Hipster
Woodland Camo Sports Coat Hipster
White Accent Sports Coat Hipster
Blue Tailored Jacket Business
Gray Tailored Jacket Business
Black Tailored Jacket Business
Blue Double Breasted Business
Gray Double Breasted Business
Black Double Breasted Business
White Jacket Business
Gray Plaid Jacket Business
Silver Plaid Jacket Business
Navy Plaid Jacket Business
Ash Jacket Business
Cream Jacket Business
Vintage Woven Jacket Business
Brown Jacket Business
Subtle Blue Jacket Business
Lobster Jacket Business
Purple Jacket Business
Olive Jacket Business
Light Gray Jacket Business
White Sports Coat Business
Navy Sports Coat Business
Lilac Sports Coat Business
Olive Sports Coat Business
Brown Pinstripe Double Suit Valentine
Charcoal Pinstripe Double Suit Valentine
Navy Pinstripe Double Suit Valentine
Classic Ivory Double Suit Valentine

Leather Jackets

Items Price Level Update
Silver Stripe Leather Jacket $2485
Blue Stripe Leather Jacket $535
Red Leather Jacket $2945
Brown Suede Jacket $2810
Gray Striped Leather Jacket $515
White Leather Jacket
Blue Leather Jacket
Lone Wolf Leather Jacket
Gray Banded Leather Jacket
Full Black Leather Jacket Heist
Black Fitted Leather Jacket Heist
Russet Leather Jacket Hipster
Brown Leather Jacket Hipster
Chestnut Leather Jacket Hipster

Track Jackets

Items Price Level Update
Two-Tone Track Jacket $205
Gray Track Jacket $110
Black Track Jacket $150
Blue Track Jacket $115
Navy Track Jacket $115
Red Track Jacket $150
Green Track Jacket $150
Orange Track Jacket
Yellow Track Jacket
Purple Track Jacket
Brown Track Jacket
Tan Track Jacket
Lavender Track Jacket
Bounce Track Jacket
Fireball Track Jacket
Game Track Jacket


Items Price
Yeti T-Shirt $210
Charcoal T-Shirt $50
White V Neck $45
Ash V Neck $60
Harsh Souls V Neck $315
Broker V Neck $215
Green V Neck $45
Orange V Neck $60
Brown V Neck $55
Stank T-Shirt $90
Swallow V Neck $40
Ranch T-Shirt $210
Hip-Hop Royalty V Neck $265


Item Price Level Update


Item Price Level Update

Tank Tops

Item Price Level Update

Baseball Tees

Item Price Level Update

Polo Shirts

Item Price Level Update

Sports Tops

Item Price Level Update


Item Price Level Update

Business Shirts

Item Price Level Update

Suit Vests

Item Price Level Update

Vest Shirts

Item Price Level Update

Special Tops

Item Price Level Update

Team Tops

Item Price Level Update

Heist Tops

Item Price Level Update

Utility Vests

Item Price Level Update
Black Heavy Heist
Gray Heavy Heist
Stealth Heist



Item Price Level Update

Work Pants

Item Price Level Update


Item Price Level Update

Cargo Pants

Item Price Level Update

Sports Pants

Item Price Level Update

Suit Pants

Item Price Level Update


Item Price Level Update

Sport Shorts

Item Price Level Update

Team Pants

Item Price Level Update

Heist Pants

Item Price Level Update




Skate Shoes

Canvas Shoes


Boat Shoes

Running Shoes

Sport Shoes

Smart Shoes








High End

Gun Range



Item Price Level Update
Bronze Free
Gold Free
Silver Free
Bronze Free Beach Bum
Gold Free Beach Bum
Silver Free Beach Bum


Item Price Level Update
Green $170
Red $225
Navy 175
Black $195
Gray $130
White $115



Item Price Level Update
Yellow LED, Yellow Strap $820 Hipster
White LED, Gold Strap $900 Hipster
Red LED, Brown Strap $815 Hipster
Red LED, White Strap $750 Hipster
White Gold $4995 Business
Black $1000 Business
Silver $1250 Business
Gold $6500 Business
Blue Sports Free Beach Bum
Yellow Sports Free Beach Bum
White Sports Free Beach Bum
Red Sports Free Beach Bum
Black Sports Free Beach Bum
Deep Sea $5000
White LED, Black Strap $695


Item Price Level Update
White Surgical $590 Heist
Blue Surgical $520 Heist
White Cotton $925 Heist
Refuse Collector $350 Heist
Gray Fingerless $740 Heist
Black Fingerless $800 Heist
Gray Woolen $780 Heist
Black Woolen $850 Heist
Brown Leather $1925 Heist
Black Leather $1980 Heist
Brown Driving $2395 Heist
Black Driving $2480 Heist
Green Wool LTS
Tan Wool LTS
Charcoal Wool LTS
Gray Wool LTS
Black Wool LTS
Forest Tact LTS
Tan Tact LTS
Charcoal Tact LTS
Gray Tact LTS
Black Tact LTS


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