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The ability to customise the player's character in Grand Theft Auto V has also been made an ability in Grand Theft Auto Online. There is a large amount of clothing available in the game. Unlike in the single-player games, ALL clothing styles are available from each kind of store. Binco will sell the exact same things as Ponsonby's. However, you are limited to gender-appropriate items.

In addition, the option for outfits is available. Each outfit is made up of individual items, and is priced at however much each piece costs--thus, purchasing a fucsia pencil skirt will lower the price of the Extrovert business skirt outfit (as a fucsia pencil skirt is part of it).

Clothing Types



Items Price
Black Winter Hat $15
Gray Winter Hat $15
Black Saggy Beanie $75
Gray Saggy Beanie $60
Blue Winter Hat $15
Rasta Winter Hat $15

Canvas Hats

Items Price
Green Canvas Hat Free
Gray Canvas Hat Free
Hinterland Urban Canvas Hat Free
Red Canvas Hat Free
Floral Canvas Hat Free
Woodland Canvas Hat Free
Black Canvas Hat $60
Tan Canvas Hat $65
Ranch Green Army Cap $265
Ranch Black Army Cap $265
Ranch Gray Army Cap $170

Caps, Forward

Items Price
LS Gray Fitted Cap $315
Fruntalot Green Cap $65
Stank Purple Cap $65
LS Black Fitted Cap $415

Caps, Backward

Items Price
Fruntalot Green Cap $100
Stank Purple Cap $65

Flat Caps

Items Price
White Flat Cap $260
Gray Flat Cap $215
Black Flat Cap $430
Navy Flat Cap $160
Red Flat Cap $200

Pork Pie Hats

Items Price
Tan Pork Pie Free
Brown Pork Pie Free
Zorse Gray Pork Pie Free
White Pork Pie Free
Ushero Purple Pork Pie Free
Black Pork Pie Free
Green Pork Pie Free
Blue Pork Pie Free


Items Price
Black Fedora $1550
Ash Fedora $1550
White Fedora $3900

Cowboy Hats

Items Price
Black Cowboy Hat $290
Brown Cowboy Hat $305
Chocolate Cowboy Hat $4170
Tan Cowboy Hat $3620
White Cowboy Hat $335


Items Price
White Paisley Bandana $30
Black Paisley Bandana $25
Navy Bandana $30
Red Bandana $30
Green Bandana $35


Items Price
Beat Off White Headphones $365
Beat Off Black Headphones $380
Beat Off Red Headphones $390
Beat Off Gray Headphones $395
Beat Off Blue Headphones $595

Ear Defenders

Items Price
Red Ear Defenders $65
Black Ear Defenders $80
Gray Ear Defenders $85
White Ear Defenders $90
Blue Ear Defenders $65
Green Ear Defenders $85


Items Price
Western MC Yellow Helmet $1060
Steel Horse Blue Helmet $1400
Black Helmet $675
Blue Open-Face Helmet $975
Gray Open-Face Helmet $975
Black Open-Face Helmet $650
White Open-Face Helmet $755
Shatter Pattern Helmet $13850
Stars helmet $2900
White Helmet $2925
Orange Open-Face Helmet $750
Squared Helmet $2895
Steel Horse Orange Helmet $1315
Pale Blue Open-Face Helmet $865
Crimson Helmet $12500


Suit Jackets

Items Price
Black Sports Coat $965
Gray Sports Coat $350
Slate Jacket $465
Gray Jacket $470
Blue Jacket $475
Red Sports Coat $2520
Blue Sports Coat $150

Leather Jackets

Items Price
Silver Stripe Leather Jacket $2485
Blue Stripe Leather Jacket $535
Red Leather Jacket $2945
Brown Suede Jacket $2810
Gray Striped Leather Jacket $515

Track Jackets

Items Price
Two-Tone Track Jacket $205
Gray Track Jacket $110
Black Track Jacket $150
Blue Track Jacket $115
Navy Track Jacket $115
Red Track Jacket $150
Green Track Jacket $150


Items Price
Yeti T-Shirt $210
Charcoal T-Shirt $50
White V Neck $45
Ash V Neck $60
Harsh Souls V Neck $315
Broker V Neck $215
Green V Neck $45
Orange V Neck $60
Brown V Neck $55
Stank T-Shirt $90
Swallow V Neck $40
Ranch T-Shirt $210
Hip-Hop Royalty V Neck $265

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