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Cognoscenti Cabrio
A front and side view of the car
(Rear quarter view).
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 2 door shotting brake
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Manufacturer Enus
Related vehicle(s) Cognoscenti
"The Cog cabrio is a top-end luxury car that combines elegance with performance. A car that says, 'I'm a man with money but also a modicum of taste'. A car that says, 'I'm not afraid to transfer $185,000 over an insecure internet connection to an unknown entity'. A car that says, 'You never accepted me, Dad, but look at me now'."
Legendary Motorsport webpage

The Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio is a car  in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Cognoscenti Cabriolet (pronounced Con-Yo-Senti) is a 2-door version of the existing Cognoscenti. Its design is based after the real-life 2003-present Bentley Continental GT The car seems to have the same bonnet and front fascia as the Cognoscenti but has more sloping lines that lead down the side to the rear end. It has the traditional front grille found on the normal Cognoscenti with 3 air intake vents. The front bumper features horizontal chrome strips either side of the main grille, just below its bottom edge. All of these intake grills are painted black. One vent is in the middle with two smaller side vents on the sides.

The sides of the car features a more straight line design until it reaches the rear fender and quarter panel. The car has side skirts that fall low to the ground. The side windows feature chrome trim along the edges and the B pillar is finished with a black polymer. The car features a rear-side window that follows the sloping design line and falls to the rear fascia. The rear of the car is a hatchback like design with the same general look as the normal Cognoscenti.  The Cognoscenti shooting brake features large 10-spoke wheels with wide track medium-profile tires.

The car features a two-piece folding hardtop that stores in the trunk area under the truck lid. The top takes very little time to be raised or retracted. most likely the fastest in the game.


Visibly it is clear that the car's suspension is focused more on comfort, in its debut appearance, when it was it hit it showed that it has a fairly loose anti-roll bar setup within its suspension system.



(0 - 60mph / 0 - 100km/h)

Top Speed

(mph / kph)

Engine Drivetrain Gears Mass


4.5 Seconds

205 mph (330 kph)

W12 Twin Turbocharged

Front-engine, rear wheel drive

6-speed auto



Notable Owners

  • Poppy Mitchell owns a pink Cognescenti Cabrio. She can be seen driving it during her Paparazzo mission, and can be taken after the mission is completed; it features a unique license plate that reads POPPYMI5
  • Molly Schultz owns a red Cognoscenti Cabrio.


Grand Theft Auto V


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