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Cool Beans
Name: Cool Beans
Type: Coffee house
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Locations: Del Perro
Legion Square
Mirror Park
Vespucci Canals

Cool Beans is a coffeehouse chain in Grand Theft Auto V. It's listed in the LCN as (BAN) and the player can invest in the company in the LCN website.


The company appears to be based on The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and the Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea, judging by the design of its stores. It is the second biggest coffee chain in San Andreas after The Bean Machine, and like its competitor is a popular hipster hangout spot. The company owns four stores in the city of Los Santos, which sell coffee, tea, cakes, juices and sandwiches.

Store Locations



  • "Cool beans" is a slang term used to describe something pleasing, great or remarkable.
  • "Cool beans" may be a reference to an iconic scene from the cult comedy film Hot Rod, where the words are repeated numerous times.


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