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Copper-GTAL69.png Copper-GTAL61.png
A Copper, as depicted in GTA London 1969.
A Copper, as depicted in GTA London 1961.

The Copper is police car in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961, serving as the de facto car for the British police of the games' respective eras.



Unlike more modern counterparts, the Copper is clearly designed with older sensibilities in mind, featuring police liveries of the 1960s that have long been obsolete in present time (such as the blue-white panda scheme during 1969 and the all-white color scheme in 1961), and featuring a single blue strobe on the roof.

Like their real-life counterparts, the Coppers in both GTA London 1969 and GTA London 1961 are apparently civilian cars converted for police use. The Copper in GTA London 1969 is a slightly altered version of the S-Cart, while the Copper in GTA London 1961 is based on the Jug MkII, mirroring common choices of car models by the British police at the time.

The name is a reference to an old British term for a police officer.


Being a police car, the Copper is designed to engage in vehicle pursuits rather well. While poorer overall in comparison to all Squad Car variants in Grand Theft Auto 1, both variants of the Coppers still remains on of the best among the car class in the GTA London games in terms of performance.

In general, the car possess excellent top speed, acceleration, grip and the best brakes among all vehicles in the games, in addition to average handling; a Copper's base export value is also very high, at £1,500, but the car cannot be exported, as are other emergency vehicles. Minor differences may be noted between the Copper in GTA London 1969 and the Copper in GTA London 1961, including the GTA London 1969 rendition being slightly lighter than the GTA London 1961 rendition, as well as a slightly poorer acceleration for the GTA London 1961 rendition.

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