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Rich suburban district, Cottonmouth

Appearance(s): Manhunt 2
Grand Theft Auto series (Referenced only)
Mayor: Unknown
Population: Unknown
State: Unknown (possibly in the South somewhere)

Cottonmouth is the setting of Manhunt 2, a game released by Rockstar Games, the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series. It is mused that Cottonmouth would exist in the same fictional world as the GTA III Era, because of overlaps and references within them. Cottonmouth is much more modern, cleaner and safer than Carcer City, with skyscrapers in the area of Downtown, as well as domiciled houses and blocks.

About the City

Rockstar confirms that Cottonmouth is inspired by several southern US cities such as New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston and Tampa, not being based on one in particular. One possible reason for this is that the skyline (as seen in the level "Domestic Disturbance") looks fairly similar to that seen in New Orleans. It is currently not known when exactly the city was founded and its Mayor remains unnamed.


In the level ‘Most Wanted’ many of the houses are surrounded by palm trees, which would seem to link the city to Florida, due to the more tropical climate needed for palm trees to thrive. This possibility is strengthened by the Police Mavericks seen to share the same colour scheme as the Vice City Police Department (with Vice City being based on Miami, Florida). But in-game, mountains are seen so Florida could not possibly house the city of Cottonmouth because Florida is a mostly flat state with no montains at all.


2006 - 2007

Cottonmouth in 2006 - 2007 is a very clean and safe place. This is due to very little crime taking place and only 4 levels of Manhunt 2 occur during this period. It is once said that there has been no mugging for 8 years.

2012 - 2013

Cottonmouth in 2012 - 2013 is very dark, miserable, dirty and scary place. The reason for this is the rapid rise in crime and much more of the Manhunt 2 levels (14) take place during this time.


The only known television station in Cottonmouth is TV-MK. This channel transmits news, weather, talk shows, films etc.


  • Red Light
  • Downtown
  • Wooddale Comunity Enclave

References to Grand Theft Auto


The MH2 Maverick and the VC Maverick


Cottonmouth describes the feeling when someone's mouth gets dry, usually after smoking marijuana.


  • The Police Maverick in Manhunt 2 shares its color scheme (green and white) with the Police Maverick serving with the Vice City Police Department, and the combination "M616PD" from VCPD Police Mavericks appear on the Cottonmouth Police Mavericks (This means Rockstar used the Police Maverick model from Vice City as the basis for the Cottonmouth Police Mavericks). The Police Maverick doesn't bear a state seal in normal gameplay, but in a segment of a session with Leo Kasper, it shows the Police Maverick with such a state seal with Louisiana state seal.
  • Oddly the Cottonmouth Police cars do not appear to bear any state seal or city name, only showing the word 'Police'. Also, the police cars are coloured in black and white suggesting the L.A.P.D. police cars scheme.
  • The police of Cottonmouth appears to be based on the New Orleans Police Dept. They share similar emblems. The cops also wear blue uniforms with the logo on both shoulders, much like the present-day N.O.P.D.

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