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GTA Wiki Coveted
Game: Grand Theft Auto Online
For: Martin Madrazo
Location: RON Alternates Wind Farm
Target: Retrieve the container and deliver it to Madrazo's lock up.
Conditions of mission failure: Run out of lives.
Cargobob destroyed.
Container lost.
Reward: $12,000 (easy)

$15,000 (normal)

$18,000 (hard)

Protagonist(s): GTA Online Protagonist
Unlocked by: Reaching level 36.
"Often the easiest way to make crime pay is to make your competitors pay for their mistakes. A rival crew has run a big shipment of product aground just east of the Wind Farm, and are bringing in a Cargobob to try to airlift it out of there. Sabotage the salvage operation and deliver the container to the drop-off."
— Description

Coveted is a mission given to the player by Martin Madrazo in Grand Theft Auto Online.


A rival gang is attempting to move an unknown shipment via Cargobob and Martin Madrazo wants it to be intercepted and given to him at a lock-up of his. The player or players must use the Cargobob to try and pick up the shipment which is inside a ThriftEX container and will be encountered with enemies using Assault Rifles, SMGs and Micro SMGs.


  • For best results, use 4 players.
  • Start out shooting the man guarding the Granger then start shooting the men at the far end of the cove with a sniper rifle.
  • Use the Granger at the end of the hill to dive to the far left of the landing zone of the Cargobob, use it for cover while you wait for the Cargobob.
  • Kill the pilot and steal the Cargobob. Then use the grapple hook to take the container.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to the cove.
  • Retrieve the container.
  • Deliver the container to Madrazo's lock up.


  • This mission became particularly famous for being used to make fast money, given how easy it was and how, unlike in most other missions, the payouts don't get cut in half after being played the first time (the same only happening with Rooftop Rumble). This means players can just repeat this mission and easily get from $12.000 to $18.000 (depending on the difficulty level) every time it's done. As of patch 1.08, even though they haven't condoned doing it (at least for Coveted), Rockstar removed the "replay" option in the end of missions, yet there are still many Coveted-only playlists that allow it to be replayed quickly.
  • Oddly, photos taken in Snapmatic during this mission can't be uploaded to the Social Club.
  • Rockstar Games removed Coveted, as well as Dirt Road, Factory Closure, Truck Together, Crystal Clear Out, Crystal Clear Out II, Close Action, Coasting, and Potshot from GTA Online after introducing Patch 1.12.
  • As of patch 1.14 (I'm Not a Hipster Update) the following difficulty changes have been made to the mission:
    • ​New objectives added: When the players arrive at the cove their objective becomes “Secure the landing site”. Players then have 2 minutes to reach the Cargobob’s landing area and kill nearby enemies. Failing to do this in 2 minutes will fail the mission.
    • Enemy placement: Around 50% of the enemies have been moved from the beach to the hill leading to the landing site. This is to create more of a shootout on the way down to the landing site.
    • Cargobob now takes around 2 minutes to arrive once the players have reached the cove.
    • 2 enemies near the objective container now have RPGs (Low Accuracy).
    • Enemies on the beach no longer have Extended LOS, meaning they won’t shoot at the players as they fight down the hill.
    • Drop-off location for the container is now at a warehouse in Cypress Flats. Previously the drop was too close to the action.
    • Once the player has collected the container, an enemy helicopter spawns and pursues the Cargobob. To lose the enemy helicopter, lure it towards the RON Alternates Wind Farm wind turbines as they can easily take down the enemy helicopter, but do be careful as to not get hit by the turbines yourself.

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