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A Crapi, as depicted in GTA London 1969. (With matching hood lid color)

The Crapi is a car in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.



The Crapi is an obvious recreation of a 1969-1974 Ford Capri, a mid-sized two-door sports cars intended to serve as the European equivalent of the American Ford Mustang; the name itself is simply an anagram of the "Capri" name, referencing the terms "crap" and "crappy" (since the "Capri" name means goat in latin and the attitude of goats are identified as crappy since their common in some poor farming areas all over the world hence the name itself). By default, five out of six Crapis appear with a one-tone color, while one features a red body with a black hood lid. If resprayed, the car will definitely appear with a black hood lid and one of six bright body colors.


Performance of the Crapi is above average, complementing its sporty appearance. The car's top speed is only slightly above average, same goes for the acceleration; the car is also slightly heavier than a usual car, but that doesn't pose many problems. The car does benefit from good brakes and grip. If delivered in perfect condition, the car's base export value is £500.

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