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Crate drop in GTA Online.

Crate Drops are crates dropped around in San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto Online.


When a crate is going to drop, in the top right hand corner of the screen, it says "A plane is on its way to drop a crate that contains useful supplies". Be the first to collect it. Many crates contain simple but useful supplies such as ammunition and food such as P’s & Q’s. The area the crate will be dropped in is marked by a large green circle on the map. When the crate is actually dropped in the bottom left hand corner of the screen it will say "A crate has been dropped". When this happens the green circle on the map will change to a picture of a crate with a question mark in its center. If a crate is not collected for a while, then it will disappear, saying that "Arms smugglers have picked up the crate".


  • Most crates will be dropped in Blaine County.
  • The question mark displayed on the picture of a crate when the crate is dropped most likely means that its containments is a mystery.
  • Sometimes, there will be enemies defending the crates, usually The Professionals.
  • Wherever a crate is dropped, there will be a red signal flare nearby. The flare is the same as the flare used for Merryweather air strikes.
  • Rarely, instead of a regular crate, the player will be notified that a special crate is going to be dropped. The player will be notified 10, 5, and 3 hours ahead of the crate drop. Note that these times are in game time, where one hour is two minutes in real life. These special crates can contain super heavy Armor, Thousands of RP, a Minigun, Carbine Rifle, or a full supply of food.
  • Special crates and sometimes regular crates may be protected by arms dealers that the player will have to fight of before collecting the crate drop. This is why sometimes it will say in the feed that "arms smugglers have picked up a crate".
  • Sometimes, if not often times, no matter how long it takes, crates rarely appear in the crate drop area.

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