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The Agency

Crew emblem black bg

TAPMS Logo (c)BobbyTheCactus

Welcome to the GTA Wikia page for The Agency, also known as XLGA or XlinxGamingAustralia. We are a Xbox LIVE GTA Online "Corrupt" law enforcement agency and a Private Military service. 

The Agency Crew Trailer03:08

The Agency Crew Trailer



Crew Owner: This person has all rights to change the crews hireachy and Crew attributes like clothes and Cars.

CEO: Has the same rights as the Owner but cannot change who the CEOs are

COO: Is able to request changes to the crew, Change members ranks and give orders to all other members accept the CEO and the owner.

Gunners: Are in charge of weapons in crew operations and heists. Also in charge of protecting senior agents

Drivers: Are in charge of evacuating crew members and transporting high ranking agents


The Agency supplies various services including:

  • Escorts
  • Assasinations
  • Personal Guards
  • Group Transportation
  • Evacuations

All of these services are avalible via asking a crew member. Charges may apply for some services. Contact either BobbyTheCactus or RiskierStatue7 on Xbox LIVE.


In The Agency, our Crew vehicles are the Bravado Buffalo, the Declasse Granger.

TAPMS Crewcars

Bravado Buffalo and the Declasse Granger

Crew vehicle Mod requirements

  • The Paint job MUST be fully Matte Black
  • The Window tint must be the darkest tint possible
  • If the Crew Emblem is equipable, it must be on the car
  • The wheel colour must be Black


The Agency has a STRICT policy on clothing. There are 3 Types of outfits. Casual Duty, Full Suit (For Crew Operations/Missions) and Military (Tank and Helicopter Operations). Hats are Prohibited for Casual duty and Full Suit uniforms. Their are no Exeptions with uniform.

Casual Duty:

Casual Uniform

  • White Shirt
  • Black Suit Pants
  • All Black Oxfords
  • Black Tie
  • Black Enama Frames or Black Janitor Frames

Full Suit

  • Black Open Suit Jacket
  • White Buisness Shirt
    Fullsuit GTACREW

    Full Suit

  • Black Tie
  • Black Track Pants
  • All Black Oxfords
  • Black Enama Frames or Black Janitor Frames


  • Camo Hoodie
    Military GTACREW


  • Any Dark Green Shirt
  • Camo Cargo Pants
  • Any Dark or Camo Glasses
  • Camo Skate Shoes
  • Camo Cap (Not Required)


The Agency (TAPMS) is accepting new members within the following requirements:

  1. Must be at level 10 or above
  2. Must NOT be a Modder.
  3. Must be loyal to the Crew and TAPMS must be your active one.
  4. Must be mature.
  5.  No KoS
  6. Must have a Garage slot ready for a crew car.
  7. Must NOT own the Eclipse Towers apartment.

Positions Vacant:

  • Navy Members (Must own at least 2 boats)
  • Hackers (Must be able to hack fast)
  • Gunners (For protecting Senior Agents)
  • Drivers (For Transporting Senior agents and Gunmen)

Contact us on Social Club. Note it may take up to 2-3 days for a reply. 


  • The Crews colour is Lime Green
  • TAPMS's favourite Radio station is Radio Los Santos
  • Our rival crew is "Shot of gold".

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