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Crime and Punishment
Game: Grand Theft Auto IV
For: Roman Bellic
Location: Perestroika, Hove Beach
Target: Delivery Vans
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Vans aren’t pulled over in time
Van drivers spooked
Vans destroyed
Reward: $200
Unlocks: Do You Have Protection?
Most Wanted
Unlocked by: Uncle Vlad
Faustin: "So, Niko Bellic. You think it's okay to kill my employees?"
Niko: "If he is an asshole, yes."
Faustin: "I agree!"
Mikhail Faustin and Niko Bellic, before the former kills Andrei

Crime and Punishment is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, where Niko and Roman are interrogated for the murder of Vladimir Glebov.


Roman is scared because Niko killed Vlad, and tells Niko during a frantic phone call to meet him on Tulsa Street. Niko arrives to find Roman hiding inside a dumpster, who tells him that they are being followed because Niko killed Vlad. Niko dismisses Roman and says that all they care about is making money. A man appears from behind Niko and knocks him out with the butt end of an AK-47, while ordering Roman out of the dumpster.

When Niko regains consciousness, he wakes up tied to a chair in the basement of Mikhail Faustin's house. He sees Dimitri Rascalov with the man who knocked him out. He is smacked by Dimitri and told to wake up. Roman is tied up and gagged because he wouldn't stop screaming. Dimitri says that Andrei shouldn't have brought them here.

Niko is being interrogated by Andrei, asking him who he works for. He says for his cousin, Roman. However, Andrei says that isn't good enough and resorts to threatening to cutting off his arm with a tiny hacksaw if he doesn't speak. Niko gives a smart ass remark, to which Andrei responds by hitting him in the temple with the tip of the saw and slapping him with it for laughing.

Soon, Faustin enters the basement with a pistol, angrily telling them to "Shut the fuck up" because of the noise and that his wife is watching television. He asks what Andrei is doing. Andrei hesitantly says that he's finding out who he is. Faustin asks who he is and he responds that he's Roman's cousin. Faustin isn't happy with such little information yet so much noise. He asks Dimitri where he found him, and he states that he was a friend of his sergeant in Vladivostok. Faustin calls him an imbecile. He seems to not care about Vlad’s death and agrees with Niko that he was a nobody.

He then shoots Andrei in the head for apparently looking at him disrespectfully, but spares Niko on the condition that he starts working for him. Niko’s first task is to steal a van full of televisions so he can make a sale. Once the gag is removed, Roman starts screaming for help so Mikhail shoots him in the stomach to quiet him down. Dimitri unites Niko and tells him to steal a police car.

Niko finds a police car and calls Dimitri. Dimitri informs Niko that the van is driving around South Broker but doesn't know where exactly it is. Niko is forced to pull over random vans and ask the driver if they have any TVs. Niko finally finds one that does. Niko then steals the van and drives it to the lockup on Dukes Drive in East Island City. Roman calls Niko to tell him that he is stitched up and asks Niko if he could pick up some adult diapers. 

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Find a cop car.
  • Find and pull over the vans before they reach their destinations.
  • Stay close to the van to make it pull over.
  • Park up and approach the driver's window.
  • Steal the van.
  • Drive to the lockup.

Video Walkthrough

After the Mission

There is a $200 monetary reward for this mission. The mission Do You Have Protection? and the side missions Most Wanted and Vigilante are unlocked.




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