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Crippen Memorial Hospital

Front view of the hospital.

Name: Crippen Memorial Hospital
City: Montgomery
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Size: Medical Clinic

The Crippen Memorial Hospital is, as the name suggests, a hospital located in the small town of Montgomery in Red County, San Andreas. When compared to other hospitals in the state, such as the Las Venturas Hospital and the County General Hospital, it is small but still operates as a capable health care institution albeit on a far smaller scale.

If the player dies in the vicinity of Montgomery and its surrounding areas they will most likely be respawned at the hospital. Like all other hospitals and medical centers in the game they will also lose all their weapons unless dating Katie Zhan.



  • The Hospital might be named after Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, an American doctor who was hung for murdering his wife in 1910.


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