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Cuban 800
A Cuban 800 in GTA V.
Vehicle class
Vehicle type Civilian fixed-wing aircraft
Body style Twin-prop fixed-wing aircraft
Capacity 2 (pilot and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Manufacturer Western Company
Price $240,000 (

"One of the best-selling aircrafts of all time, with the Cuban 800 you really are buying a piece of history, rusted rivets and all. This light engine plane might look like it was put together with one of those Krapea hex keys, but these bad boys were built to last. Plus for $32,000 you can't exactly expect a cocktail bar and a stripper pole."
Elitás Travel webpage.

The Western Company Cuban 800 is a light twin-engine plane in Grand Theft Auto V.


The Cuban 800 is mainly based on the cessna 310 B strait tail, having a nearly identical fuselage, landing gear system, engine nacels and wing tanks. However the tail and wings are slightly different. The main wings are more similar to that of the twin comanche.

The plane is available in white-and-blue (the most common variant), white-and-red (rare), and black (uncommon).


The Cuban 800 is powered by two 4-cylinder piston engines. These engines are good enough to propel the aeroplane, but nothing further. If one engine fails in flight, the Cuban 800 can be flown safely on the other engine, at the cost of decreased airspeed and maneuverability; if one engine fails on the ground, it is impossible to get the plane in the air. In some cases however, when the entire plane is shot or damaged instead of only the engine, the plane can only be flown on a single engine for a short time before the other one starts smoking and fails. The weight of the plane severely affects performance - the nose, in particular, causes the plane to constantly pitch downwards in flight. It is, however, highly reliable and can take quite a few beatings.

The Cuban 800 is suitable for leisurely flight, but where performance and maneuverability are essential, it is not the ideal aircraft.



  • Can be bought for $240,000 from It used to be black, but following update 1.16 it will spawn in different colours, one including a unique never seen before orange and red variant.
  • Can spawn in the McKenzie Field Hangar when purchased. It triggers the Arms Trafficking Air side missions.
  • Can be found landing and taxiing to a hangar next to Trevor's at Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • Sometimes when switching to Trevor he may be flying a black Cuban 800.
  • Sometimes can be found flying away from Fort Zancudo.
  • Sometimes can be found outside Michael's hangar, behind a Mammatus.

Notable Owners



  • The description of the plane states that the plane is worth $32,000. This contradicts with the actual price of the plane, which is $240,000. The most likely cause for this is that Rockstar Games believed the price was too low and forgot to change the description. This has been fixed in GTA Online.
  • When flown upside down, the plane will lose altitude very quickly, like the Mammatus.
  • The name is a likely reference to the Cuban Eight aerobatic flight figure-eight manoeuvre. It can also be a reference to the fact that small twin-engined planes such as this one are frequently used for smuggling drugs and other illegal merchandise in and around Cuba, Central America, and South America. This will explain its use in Arms Traficking side missions.
  • The Cuban 800 has a storage bay, but it can only be opened on the Arms Traficking side missions.
  • In Story mode, when switching to Trevor, he might spawn flying an all-black Cuban 800 above Redwood Lights Track. It can be stored at his hangar at Sandy Shores Airfield.
  • Prior to the 1.16 update, the Cuban 800 will be all black when purchased from
  • NPC pilots landing the Cuban 800 at Sandy Shores Airfield will walk into the spinning propellers, resulting in death.
  • The Cuban 800 is the first aircraft in the series that can drop bombs; the RC Baron is the first vehicle to drop bombs, although this is possible only during missions for both vehicles.
  • The propellers on the plane turn in opposite direction, this is quite unusual for General Aviation twin engine aircraft since both propellers usually turn right.
  • In GTA Online, it can be rarely found in the Vapid Hangar at the McKenzie Airfield, in the red livery that Trevor uses for the Arms Trafficking side missions.
    • Strangely, it is locked, but not explosive or fire proof.


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