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Custom vehicle license plates were first explored in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where Love Fist's limousine features LUVFIST plates, the only instance of a custom license number in the game. With the use of more flexible license plate graphics in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, more vehicles would appear with customized license numbers. However, the custom license plates cannot be saved in garages; once a car is saved in a garage, its plate will become random. The Custom Licence Plates are also appearing in GTA V (as seen in Michael's trailer, red Sentinel XS has got 'KRYST4L' written on its Licence Plates and in Trevor's trailer artwork, there is a Bodhi which has got 'Betty23' on it). Their names are customizable and are able to be changed.


License number Image Vehicle Notes
4GEDIT Sentinel Marco Forelli's car from the mission Saint Mark's Bistro. Translates as "Forget it" which is a message to the player to forget exploring Liberty City.
ASSMAN Washington, Patriot Car used during the mission Badlands and obvious reference to him as a "Snitch", as well as a reference to the television series Seinfeld
It can be on Patriot during Big Smoke's Cash Side Missions.
A2TMFK Glendale Big Smoke's car after his black Perennial is destroyed. The license number translates as either "A two-timing mother fucker", reflecting Big Smoke's two-faced attitude towards both the Grove Street Family and the Ballas, or "A two-tonne mother fucker", which is a play on his obesity, an early running gag in the game between Ryder, Carl, and Sweet.
CFC 1888 Packer Used during the mission Cop Wheels. Reference to Celtic Football Club and its year of formation.
CHUNKY Bullet Bullet by the Burger Shot in Calton Heights, a reference to Burger Shot.
CUFFS Ranger Barbara Schternvart's car (A reference to her job as a police officer).
DBP Banshee Banshee next to the Cobra Marital Arts Gym.
EA SUCKS Bullet Importable in Easter Basin on Saturdays. A reference to Rockstar North's view toward EA Games at the time. Ironically, by the time San Andreas was released, Criterion Games, which made the RenderWare engine the GTA III Era games use, was acquired by EA.
FELTCH Tampa Car used for target practice during Emmet's training mission (Nines and AK's).
FULLAUTO Bandito Helena Wankstein's Bandito has it. None of the Bandito's have License Plates but it can be found in game files.
G1RUYHUN Admiral Mafia Admiral from the mission You've Had Your Chips. Stands for Get It Right Up You Hun, Hun is a derogatory term for a Rangers Football Club supporter.
GOLD Hotknife Awarded by Driving School when the player completes all tests in gold and parked outside the school.
GOT MOO Tahoma In the mission House Party on a Families' Tahoma.
GROVE4L Greenwood Sweet's car (Grove for Life).
H CARMAN Patriot Patriot featured during the mission Intensive Care.
HO 2 HO Broadway Jizzy B's car, a reference to his life as a pimp.
HOM Waltons Waltons from the mission Body Harvest. A reference to life on the farm.
HOMEGIRL Hustler Denise Robinson's car (A reference to her association with gang life).
IMPEXP Euros Can be spotted on the parked Euros used for Import/Export
IMY AK Feltzer
Used during the mission Just Business and End of the Line.
J LOMAX Windsor Used during the mission A Home in the Hills. Also seen on Windsor imported from Easter Basin.
LA5H L3Y BF Injection Used during the mission Cut Throat Business.
LA BOMBA Voodoo Used during the mission House Party.
LION CUM Sultan, Stratum A possible license plate which appears on your Sultan during Test Drive and your Stratum during Puncture Wounds.

Can be a possible reference to semen from a lion.

LOLLY Comet Importable at Easter Basin on Fridays.
LUVFIST Love Fist Limo On the Love Fist limo after the mission Publicity Tour.
LVA4L Savanna Cesar Vialpando's car. Translates as "Los Varrios Aztecas for Life"
N13 LLF Club Featured during the mission Customs Fast Track. Translates as "NIE LIFE".
NOS Monster Michelle Cannes's monster truck. A reference to nitrous oxide car boosts and Michelle's job as a mechanic.
OMEGA Washington Mike Toreno's car, a likely reference to clandestine government organizations and operations. Used during Outrider and Vertical Bird.
OUTTHERE Camper The Truth's van. Like the Camper, the rear license plate is mirrored. A reference to the saying "The Truth is Out There"
PREACHER PCJ 600 Featured during the mission Highjack
PULASKI Buffalo Eddie Pulaski's car during the mission High Noon.
SHERM Picador Ryder's car. A Reference to his drug use.
SPANK Club Millie Perkins's car. A possible reference to a drug's nickname or her sexual fetishes.
SUNRA 93 Elegant Featured during the mission Management Issues.
SWAG Boxville Featured during the mission Home Invasion.
TAMMY Walton Featured during the mission Don Peyote.
TH3 DON Sentinel Translated to THE DON, a reference to the Sentinel being used as a gang car by different Mafia families in the GTA series.
TH3 P1G5 Police Car LSPD squad car from the mission Home Invasion. Only found if the Colonel called the police. A slang term for the police ("The Pigs").
TIM Walton Featured during the mission Don Peyote.
TIMEBOMB Tampa Used during the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. The car is rigged with a bomb to explode.
TRAUMA Romero Katie Zhan's white hearse. A reference to her job as a nurse.
TOO FAST Bullet Import/export. Available on Saturday.

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