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Cypress Flats is an industrial neighborhood located in Los SantosSan Andreas in GTA V. The neighborhood straddles the Los Santos River, meaning that some of the district is located in South Los Santos, whilst the majority of the district is located in East Los Santos. The neighborhood borders Rancho in the north and west on the west side of the river, across the river to the north it borders La Mesa, Elysian Island to the south across the river, and to the east, El Burro Heights


Cypress Flats is entirely an industrial area with several factories, warehouses and smaller businesses.

Events of GTA V

The neighborhood is where the mission Mr. Richards takes place. This is where Michael De Santa beats up Rocco Pelosi before stealing a Frogger with Milton McIlroy and Anton Beaudelaire in it. 

Triads owned slaughterhouse, the Raven Slaughterhouse, is located in the eastern part of this district, marking the location where the mission Fresh Meat takes place.


Cypress Flats is based on Vernon, California in terms of landmarks and infrastructure however it is geographically based on Long Beach.


Places of Interest

Roads and Streets





  • Cypress Flats could be a reference to the well known rap group Cypress Hill, which is actually based around Southern California near Los Angeles, parodied as Los Santos. Also, flat is the opposite to a hill.

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