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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto III
Full name: D-Ice
Also known as: D-Ice
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1974
Place of birth: Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
Home: Wichita Gardens, Shoreside Vale
Nationality: Afro-American
Family: Unnamed Younger Brother
Main affiliation: Southside Hoods
Red Jacks
Purple Nines
Vehicle(s): Hoods Rumpo XL,Infernus
Voiced by: Walter Mudu

D-Ice is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who apears as an unseen, main character in Grand Theft Auto III. D-Ice is the leader of the Red Jacks, a sub-group of the Southside Hoods.



D-Ice assigns Claude jobs from Shoreside Vale, operating from a payphone located in the Wichita Gardens housing projects. Several of its missions involved attacks and fights against a rival gang, the Purple Nines, which appeared to be supplied with SPANK and are pushing the drug onto the streets. Claude would eventually reduce the Purple Nines to only a few members at the time of the final battle between Claude with D-Ice's brother and the last of the Purple Nines, using baseball bats.

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