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Darren Covey's Gang
Darren'sGang-GTA IV
Members of Darren Covey's Gang during his Most Wanted mission.
Games: Grand Theft Auto IV
Locations: Purgatory, Algonquin, Liberty City
Leftwood, Alderney
Acter Industrial Park, Alderney
Leader: Darren Covey
Type: American-European street gang
Enemies: LCPD
Affiliations: Russian Mafia
Vehicles: Super GT
Weapons: Pistol
Businesses: Arms dealing
Members: Darren Covey
Unnamed Covey's henchmen†
Sergi Szerbin

Daren Covey's Gang is a small gang featured in GTA IV. Their leader is Darren Covey, a most wanted criminal. They are seen on the side-mission where the players are tasked to kill him. They can also rarely be encountered on the streets of Purgatory. Their main weapon is the AK-47, although sometimes they may be seen on the mission carrying a pistol, besides their AK-47s.

Alderney chapter

In Alderney, a group of the members of the gang can be encountered during two missions. The first mission is Industrial Action, although they may not appear in it whatsoever. The second appearance is just one member, being Sergi Szerbin, due to him using the same pedestrian model as one of Covey's henchmen. Szerbin is also protected by members of the Russian Mob, which makes both of these gangs to be allied with themselves, and also for the gang to have European members, besides the Americans.

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