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Dashound (Front&Side)-GTAV

The Dashhound in GTA V.

The Brute Dashound is a coach which features in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is a large, blue and white coach. The vehicle's name, as well as a picture of a Dachshund, are on the sides of the coach. The coach also has a red front bumper. The vehicle is poor in all driving aspects.




  • It is very similar to the Coach, which has only appeared in the 3D Universe games, with the exception of GTA IV's beta.
  • It is the game's counterpart to Greyhound Lines.
  • It is based on the real life MCI Renaissance E series bus
  • 1A. Its name is possibly one of  multiple plays; One is "Das hund" which is literally "The Dog" in German, which people have referred to riding Greyhound as "Riding The Dog".
  • 1B. The other is the common mispronoucing of "Dachshund" as "Dash-hound".
  • 1C. Another would be "Greyhound" as the coach is a satire of Greyhound.
  • Dashounds commonly spawn on the coastal highways, and freeways near the airport.

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