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The Dashound Bus Center is an inaccessible, security camera-operated bus terminal located in the Los Santos neighborhood of Textile City. Opposite the north entrance to Simmet Alley are eight terminals lined with Sprunk vending machines, public telephones and advertisements such as 'Speed kills - Take the Dashound', 'Long journeys need short legs' and 'You're onto a weiner'.


It is most likely based on an unnamed parking lot a few meters away from the real life Million Dollar Theater.

Mission Appearances


  • Dashound is based off of Greyhound Bus Lines. Both company names are breeds of dogs and the logos of each are very similar.
  • According to signs, the center's speed limit is five miles per hour.
  • Several 'pay stations' are located outside the entrance to the building.
  • Despite being named after the Dashound, Los Santos Transit buses use this station.


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