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Davis Fire Station.

The Davis Fire Station is a Los Santos Fire Department station located on Macdonald Street in Davis, San Andreas.


It is a modern building with 3 bays. In the garage to the far left is an unusable fire pole used to help the crew get to the bay from the top floor. There is a fence on the right side of the station.


This station is likely based on the Compton Fire Department station as Davis, the city in which the firehouse is located, is based on Compton.


  • If you're in a Fire Engine, the middle garage door will open so you can back it in there.
  • Like most other fire stations, you can hear Los Santos Rock Radio in the garage. The station is most likely playing from the living quarters above with an echo effect.
  • When switching to Franklin, you may sometimes find him just outside this fire station. You can use this to your advantage to grab a Firetruck.

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