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Del Perro
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Mayor: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Established: 1929
Country: United States of America
State: San Andreas

"Del Perro is a laidback, trendy beachfront community made up of hip tanned new-agey-type yuppies and hip tanned new-agey-type homeless people. Bums on Del Perro beach have a higher standard of living than most of the rest of the United States."
GTAV digital manual.
Del Perro is an incorporated high-class wealthy city located in Los Santos, San Andreas. Del Perro is widely known for its beach and the world famous Pleasure Pier. Tourists can be seen wandering the streets of Del Perro, taking selfies and possibly uploading them to social networks like Lifeinvader. Del Perro could possibly be an incorporated city, seeing as Santa Monica in real life is counted as a city. Del Perro also has its own city hall.


Del Perro is a crowded city with many expensive houses on the beach and tourists walking along the pier. Many people can be seen tanning on the beach or building sand castles. Del Perro is described as trendy and hipster. The famous Del Perro Pier is a good place to find tourists, rich locals, and hobos. The Prosperity Street Promenade, an upscale outdoor mall and Del Perro's main commercial street, is another important tourist attraction.

Mission Appearances

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GTA Online


Del Perro is based on the city of Santa Monica, California. The name "Del Perro," which translates to "of the dog" in Spanish, is likely a reference to Santa Monica's nickname of "Dogtown."

Notable residents


The neighborhood is connected via the Del Perro Freeway and has a LST underground station.

Places of Interest


Roads and Streets


  • In Spanish, "Del Perro" translates to "of the dog."



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