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Demarcus Bradley
Demarcus Bradley
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Full name: Demarcus Bradley
Status: Alive


Nationality: Flag of the United States African-American
Family: Hailey Watson (mother)
Deja Medwell (girlfriend)
Hailey Bradley
Main affiliation: The Families
Vehicle(s): Modified Green Sultan

Demarcus Bradley is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto V. He was a Families OG before he was arrested. He is an inmate of the Bolingbroke Penitentiary during the events of the game.

He has a Lifeinvader account and will post on the timelines of Franklin, Lamar and Stretch, as well as on his own page (mostly about prison life and The Families) throughout the story.


  • His Lifeinvader post about Lamar:

How are fools like Lamar Davis on the outside and I'm on the inside? Life aint never fair.

  • His Lifeinvader post about Chamberlain Gangster Families:

Shout out to all the Chamberlain Hills crew! Green and proud baby!

  • His Lifeinvader post about Grove Street Families:

Hearing the Ballas got ripped apart in Davis! Grove Street's coming back where it belongs!

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