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A deuteragonist is the second-main character of a story, after the protagonist.

List of prominent deuteragonists

Robert Seragliano
Robert Michael Peter Luke Frances Darth Bruno Seragliano is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto I. He is one of only two of the protagonists' mission givers who isn't betrayed by the player. He can be counted as the game's deuteragonist as he gives two chapters of the game to the player instead of the usual one given by other people and he's the one who arranges the protagonist the flight to San Andreas.
Chapter appearances: Gangsta Bang, Heist Almighty
Maria Latore
Maria Latore is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto III. The wife of Salvatore Leone, she is introduced to Claude, who completes some errands for her, before she warns him about a trap that Salvatore set up that will kill him. Claude and Maria then escape the island. Later, Catalina kidnaps Maria, but Claude rescues her. At the end of the game, Maria is constantly complaining, before a gunshot is heard, and the screen goes black.
Mission appearances: Chaperone, Last Requests, Sayonara Salvatore, S.A.M., The Exchange (possibly killed)
Ken Rosenberg
Ken Rosenberg is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He is Tommy Vercetti's lawyer, and helps him climb through the ranks of the Vice City underworld. When Tommy makes it to the top, Ken is right by his side.
Mission appearances: Introduction, The Party, Back Alley Brawl, Jury Fury, Riot, Shakedown, No Escape?, The Shootist, The Driver, The Job, Keep Your Friends Close...
Sean "Sweet" Johnson
Sean "Sweet" Johnson is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is a member of the Grove Street Families, and is Carl's brother, yet the two often argue, especially after their mother died, which made Carl return to Los Santos. After Carl's return, the Grove Street Families get back on their feet. However, it isn't long before Sweet is arrested, and he finds out that his friends have been betraying him for a while. Eventually, Sweet is released from prison, and with Carl they start rebuilding the Grove Street Families, before killing the betrayers and getting back on track again.
Mission appearances: The Introduction, Sweet & Kendl, Tagging Up Turf, Cleaning the Hood, Drive-Thru, Nines and AKs, OG Loc, Drive-By, Sweet's Girl, Cesar Vialpando, Doberman, Los Sepulcros, House Party, Reuniting The Families, The Green Sabre, Home Coming, Grove 4 Life, Riot, Los Desperados, End of the Line
Cisco is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto Advance. He is introduced after Mike is ordered to kill him. However, Cisco convinces Mike to work for him. After Mike does some work for Cisco, they find out that Vinnie has been killed. Cisco attempts to find out who killed him, but finds out that Vinnie actually faked his death, and kills Cisco.
Mission appearances: Fine Dining, Flying High, Factory Wages, School's Out, Mystery Killer, Decoy Disaster, Truth Revealed (killed)
Salvatore Leone
Salvatore Leone is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is the Don of the Leone crime family, and a friend of Toni Cipriani. Toni works for Salvatore a lot throughout the events of the game, running errands and completing jobs for him. Salvatore is later killed by Claude in 2001.
Mission appearances: Introduction, Don in 60 Seconds, The Offer, Ho Selecta!, Frighteners, Rollercoaster Ride, Contra-Banned, Salvatore's Salvation, The Guns of Leone, Sindacco Sabotage, The Trouble With Triads, Driving Mr. Leone, A Walk in the Park, Making Toni, Caught in the Act, Search and Rescue, Taking the Peace, Shoot the Messenger, Rough Justice, Dead Reckoning, Shogun Showdown, The Shoreside Redemption, The Sicilian Gambit
Lance Vance
Lance Vance is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. He is the brother of Victor Vance. Lance arrives in Vice City in 1984, and attempts to help Vic earn money, yet always gets him in trouble. Lance is later killed by Tommy Vercetti in 1986.
Mission appearances: Jive Drive, the Audition, Money for Nothing, Caught as an Act, Leap and Bound, The Bum Deal, Snitch Hitch, From Zero to Hero, Brawn of the Dead, Blitzkrieg, The Mugshot Longshot, Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out, Taking the Fall, White Lies, Where it Hurts Most, Steal the Deal, Burning Bridges, Blitzkrieg Strikes Again, Domo Arigato Domestoboto, Lost and Found, Light My Pyre, Last Stand
Roman Bellic
Roman Bellic is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. He is Niko's cousin, and convinces Niko to travel to Liberty City when he tells him that he owns huge mansions with lots of women. However, these all turn out to be lies; Roman is constantly in debt to loan sharks. After Niko sorts out his loan sharks, the two are forced out of town. This causes a rift in their friendship, though they do continue to remain friends. Near the end of the game, Roman marries Mallorie Bardas, however there are two outcomes to the game: in the Revenge storyline, Niko's girlfriend is killed at Roman's wedding; in the Deal storyline, Roman is killed at his wedding. It is unknown which ending is canon.
Mission appearances: The Cousins Bellic, It's Your Call, Three's a Crowd, First Date, Bleed Out, Easy Fare, Jamaican Heat, Uncle Vlad, Crime & Punishment, Logging On, Roman's Sorrow, Out of the Closet, Hostile Negotiation, Weekend at Florian's, That Special Someone, Mr and Mrs Bellic (killed in Deal), Out of Commission (Revenge)
Jim Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned. He is part of the Lost Motorcycle Gang. He is one of three deuteragonists who are killed, and is one of two deuteragonists to die in any circumstances.
Mission appearances: Clean and Serene, Angels in America, It's War, Liberty City Choppers, Bad Cop Drop, Action/Reaction, I Want One of Those, This Shit's Cursed, Hit the Pipe, End of Chapter, Bad Standing, Collector's Item, Was It Worth It? (killed off-screen)
Wade Heston

Wade Heston is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. He is an undercover detective with the LCPD who is being investigated by Internal Affairs. Wade first encounters Huang when the latter escapes an ambushed drug deal that had been set up by Chan Jaoming, and employs him for various jobs, as they work together to uncover the identity of the leader of the Wonsu Nodong. Wade eventually clears his name with his big bust in the final mission of the game, Salt in the Wound, arresting Hsin Jaoming but sparing Huang from arrest.

Mission appearances: Raw Deal, The Tow Job, The Tail Bagging the Dogs, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Street of Rage, Operation Northwood, Torpedo Run, Scrambled, Evidence Dash, Wi-Find, Salt in the Wound
Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince
Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince is the deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is the owner of two night clubs, both of which he employs Luis Fernando Lopez as bodyguard. Luis has to help Tony during the events of the game as many people try to take over the clubs, and Tony almost loses his clubs altogether. However, Luis manages to save them at the end of the game.
Mission appearances: I Luv LC, Practice Swing, Chinese Takeout, Bang Bang, Club Management, Blog This!..., Boulevard Baby, Frosting on the Cake, ...Blog This!, Not So Fast, In the Crosshairs, Ladies' Night, Ladies Half Price, Party's Over, Departure Time
Lester Crest
Lester Crest is the main deuteragonist of Grand Theft Auto V as he does many jobs with Michael, Franklin and Trevor, he also is the mastermind behind heists (except Blitz Play and The Merryweather Heist). He had previously worked with Michael Townley and Trevor Philips on various heists before the events of the game. After Michael and Trevor performed a failed heist, he loses contact with the two. Nine years later, Michael contacts him, and they work together on many more heists, including the heist that they'd been waiting to perform their entire lives. He will give a few jobs to Michael and will give several jobs to Franklin, including a series of assassinations. He only works with Trevor on three occasions, and they don't appear to get on well.
Mission appearances: Friend Request, Casing the Jewel Store, The Jewel Store Job, Hotel Assassination, The Multi Target Assassination, The Merryweather Heist, The Vice Assassination, The Bus Assassination, The Construction Assassination, Paleto Score Setup, The Paleto Score, Surveying the Score, Fresh Meat, Cleaning Out the Bureau, The Bureau Raid, The Big Score, The Third Way (Option C)
Dave Norton
David "Dave" Norton is Michael's deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto V. A member of the FIB, he helped set up and perform Michael Townley's deal which would see him leaving the life of crime to live with his family. Nine years later, Dave gets back in contact with Michael after he resumes doing heists. When his previous ally Trevor Philips returns, Dave, along with Steve Haines, employs Michael, Trevor and Michael's new partner Franklin on many jobs, ceasing contact with all three after the ending of the game. If the player picks option A or B, then Dave is forced to retire by Steve Haines.
Mission appearances: Prologue, Mr. Philips, Dead Man Walking, Three's Company, By The Book, Blitz Play, Paleto Score Setup, Monkey Business, The Wrap Up, Lamar Down, The Third Way (post mission phone call & email), The Time's Come (post mission email)
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis is Franklin's deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Along with Franklin, he is part of the Chamberlain Gang Families and works for Simeon Yetarian's car dealership with him, but is constantly getting himself into trouble. Throughout the events of the game, Franklin is forced to help him out of many situations. Lamar repays his debt to Franklin by helping him with many car repossessions for Devin Weston, and by helping him fight off hordes of FIB and Merryweather soldiers, in Option C.
Mission appearances: Franklin and Lamar, Repossession, Chop, The Long Stretch, Hood Safari, Deep Inside, Pack Man, Lamar Down, The Third Way, Something Sensible (post mission phone call & email), The Time's Come (post mission phone call & email)
GTA 5 Ron
Ron Jakowski
Ron Jakowski is Trevor's deuteragonist in Grand Theft Auto V. Ron is very loyal to Trevor, living in a neighbouring trailer. He helps Trevor out on many jobs, staying loyal to him throughout the entire game. After Trevor's death in Option A, Ron is evidently very upset, as seen in an email he angrily sends to Michael. Out of all GTA V deuteragonists, he makes the fewest appearances.
Mission appearances: Mr. Philips, Nervous Ron, Friends Reunited, Minor Turbulence, Derailed, Something Sensible (post mission email)


  • Salvatore LeoneGay Tony and Dave Norton are the only deuteragonists to directly attempt to kill the protagonist. Of the three, Dave is the only deuteragonist to intentionally attempt to kill the protagonist.
  • At the age of above 60, Salvatore is the oldest deuteragonist in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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