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A Diabolus in The Lost and Damned
Vehicle type Civilian motorcycle
Body style Chopper
Capacity 2 (rider and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto IV (BETA)
The Lost and Damned
Manufacturer Western Motorcycle Company (HD Universe)


Beta Diabolus in Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Western Motorcycle Company Diabolus is a new chopper style motorcycle in The Lost and Damned. It is featured in the game's trailer and screen shots and beta version of its file exists in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. This motorbike is commonly used by The Lost Brotherhood, and is based on a West Coast Choppers El Diablo. The player can get the Diabolus by calling Clay Simons. Otherwise it is not commonly found on the streets.


This vehicle looks nearly identical to the Hellfury (but with different exhaust pipes, exhaust note, a different fuel tank and an added buddy bar above the rear fender).


The Diabolus, like its twin Hellfury, is an average chopper. Its top speed is what makes up for its lacking acceleration. And at times, over-steer is a problem; because of its length, high speeds along with cornering can end with an unpleasant end in a wall. But with enough skill, E-brake turns can make cornering a breeze. Its pretty durable for those gunfights, but thinking about a slick getaway is impossible with just a rim. Because of its size, this bike isn't the pick of the litter when it comes to wheelies and endos; after all, its a chopper. But besides the cornering, its handling and top speed is great and ensures a good ride.

Notable Owners


  • The default radio station in the Diabolus is Liberty Rock Radio 97.8.
  • Obvious to its real-life counterpart, the name Diabolus seems to come from combining the word "diablo", which means devil in Spanish, and "fabulous".
  • The bike's name may be a reference to the Diablos - a Liberty City gang in the 3D Universe.
  • In TLAD Terry drives a blue Diabolus and Clay drives a purple Diabolus, Due to in GTA V the Diabolus is not coming but the Hexer, Terry and Clay drive their Hexer with the colours that their driven in TLAD with their Diabolus during Mr. Philips.


The Lost and Damned

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