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Dillion street

Race on Dillion Street near Schottler's Sundance street station

Dillion Street, is a street stretching from Rotterdam Hill to Beechwood City it is a street highly influenced and is home to many people in the GTA world including Little Jacob and many store fronts including a fire station in Rotterdam Hill. 


It is based highly off of Dean Street in Brooklyn NY, the way the street runs and the characteristics of the neighborhoods it runs through proves this. The street runs almost the exact way Dean Street does, getting cut off and meeting back up on the other side of the street only slightly away from were it started. It runs into Beechwood City and ends its journey when it meets Tutelo Avenue possibly based on East New York Avenue in Brooklyn. Beechwood City highly resembles Far Rockaway, Bushwick, East New York, Brownsville and Flatbush which is close to the area where Dean Street stops its path.  

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