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Dirk is a character in Grand Theft Auto 2 and is a member of the Rednecks gang. Dirk appears in a mission where Claude Speed is charged with kidnapping his grandfather[1], known only as Gran'pa.[2] Claude talks to him before driving off to kill three of the Loonies.[3] Some Rednecks give chase to Claude after he kidnaps Gran'pa[4] but it is unknown whether Dirk helps in this chase. Dirk also has the same appearance as Redneck leader Billy Bob Bean.

Dirk's unique pickup.
Jeansowaty2Added by Jeansowaty2


  1. Dr. LaBrat: "Head over to the Opry Car Park and meet with Gran'pa's son Dirk." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  2. Dr. LaBrat: "Hello, THC-303, it's Dr. LaBrat. The Professor wants to experiment on a Redneck and has chosen the one they call Gran'pa." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  3. Dirk: "Anyone who beats mah record for huntin' down and killin' THREE escaped Loonies wins mah Pickup." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
  4. Dr. LaBrat: "Do not let the Rednecks catch you." (from Gran'pa We Love You!/Race 'n' Kidnap mission)
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