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Checkout! is a supermarket chain in Grand Theft Auto IV and a clothing store in Grand Theft Auto V.


It sells products from brands such as Dusche Gold and Redwood Cigarettes. The shop is open from 9 am until 5 pm, as seen on a sign on the north side of the store that says "AM2PM, Open Nine2Five".

In Grand Theft Auto V, most of these Checkout! stores are accessible as clothing stores where the player can purchase cheap casual clothing. They sell the same clothes as Binco and share the same interior. They are indicated in the map as Discount Store.

Items in GTA V


Polo Shirts
Item Price
Brown Golf Shirt $22
Black Polo Shirt $48
White Polo Shirt $40
Blue Polo Shirt $45
Yellow Golf Shirt $22
Burgundy Golf Shirt $24
Blue Golf Shirt $25
Mint Golf Shirt $25
Suburban Yellow T-Shirt $19
Rearwall Blue T-Shirt $22
Item Price
Sunrise Yellow Shirt $45
Russet Shirt $55
Orange Golf Shirt $20
Crinson Golf Shirt $27
Fresh Check Shirt $49
Blue Check Winter Shirt $55
Black Winter Shirt $59
Brown Check Winter Shirt $49
Bright Blue Plaid Shirt $35
Rearwall Slate T-Shirt $20
Rearwall Gray T-Shirt $18
Country Plaid Shirt $39
Item Price
Brown Leafy Shorts $38
Tropical Shorts $38
Aqua Vintage Shorts $42
Red Floral Shorts $46
Navy Floral Shorts $46
Blue Floral Shorts $46
Undersea Shorts $42
Pale Blue Bermudas $45
Beige Bermudas $45
Cream Bermudas $48
Olive Bermudas $52
Blue Bermudas $52
Off-White Bermudas $55
Gray Bermudas $55
Charcoal Bermudas $55
Pink Bermudas $58
Beige Plaid Bermudas $58
Pastel Plaid Bermudas $60
Orange Plaid Bermudas $60
Gray Plaid Bermudas $62
Blue Striped Bermudas $62
Murky Plaid Bermudas $65
Pastel Check Bermudas $65
Item Price
Red Heart Boxers $15
Blue Heart Boxers $12
Boat Shoes
Item Price
Chocolate Boat Shoes $48
Teal Boat Shoes $48
Black Boat Shoes $55
Chestnut Boat Shoes $75
Tan Boat Shoes $65
Gray Boat Shoes $68
Red Boat Shoes $58
Slate Boat Shoes $68
Item Price
Black-Rimmed Glasses $45
Copper Sports Shades $55
Enema Brown Glasses $58
Enema Gray Glasses $56
Enema Black Glasses $60
Enema Tortoiseshell Glasses $65
Enema Coffee Glasses $62
Enema Walnut Glasses $65
Enema Silver Accent Glasses $68
Enema Smoke Glasses $68
Farshtunken Gold Aviators $65
Farshtunken Purple Aviators $69
Farshtunken Silver Aviators $72
Farshtunken Gray Aviators $70
Farshtunken Blue Aviators $74
Farshtunken Tinted Aviators $78
Farshtunken Steel Aviators $82
Farshtunken Sepia Aviators $85
Farshtunken Black Aviators $85


Item Price
Ten Off Yellow Longsleeve $25
Yeti Rainbow Longsleeve $27
Stank Striped Longsleeve $28
Ten Off Red Longsleeve $25
Feud Olive Longsleeve $30
Yeti Gray Longsleeve $29
Kings Of Los Santos Longsleeve $29
Trey Baker Longsleeve $27
Yeti Camo Longsleeve $29
Crevis White Longsleeve $32
Yogarishima Longsleeve $27
Yeti Blue Longsleeve $30
Fruity Check Shirt $32
Blue Check Shirt $32
Feud Green Tank Top $22
Fruntalot Jade Tank Top $20
Fruntalot Brown Tank Top $18
Broker Blue Tank Top $19
Kings Green Tank Top $22
Broker Gray Tank Top $20
Harsh Souls Tank Top $19
Sweatbox Tank To $19
White Ringer Tank Top $18
Feud 3 Tank Top $22
Kings Charcoal Tank Top $19
Feud White Tank Top $22
Rearwall Tank Top $20
Field Camo Jacket $65
Desert Camo Jacket $65
Rearwall Hoodie $47
Feud Camo Hoodie $48
Ash OG T-Shirt $20
LC Swingers OG T-Shirt $25
Corkers Red OG T-Shirt $23
Corkers Green OG T-Shirt $25
Feud White OG T-Shirt $26
Salamanders OG T-Shirt $24
LC Rampage OG T-Shirt $27
Dust Devils OG T-Shirt $29
LS Gray OG T-Shirt $28
Los Santos Black OG T-Shirt $25
Los Santos White OG T-Shirt $22
Pounders OG T-Shirt $27
Feud Black OG T-Shirt $29
Item Price
Cream Shirt $38
Gingham Shirt $30
Purple Check Shirt $33
Charcoal Shirt $38
Red Check Shirt $30
Gray Check Shirt $38
Mint Check Shirt $35
Item Price
Crevis Hoodie $45
Feud Olive Hoodie $47
Eris Hoodie $45
Hinterland Hoodie $48
Trey Baker Hoodie $45
Blue Jacket $40
OG Slate Jacket $50
Corkers Green Jacket $50
Deep Gray Jacket $50
Kings Banded Jacket $50
Stank Forest Camo Jacket $50
Trey Baker Camo Jacket $50
Coffee Jacket $50
Plain Coffee Jacket $50
Fruntalot Green Jacket $50
Mocha Jacket $50
Brown Jacket $50
LS Snake Weave Jacket $50
Feud Animal Print Jacket $50
Fruntalot Techno Jacket $50
Snake A Jacket $195
Item Price
Sand Cargo Shorts $32
Navy Cargo Shorts $38
Olive Cargo Shorts $44
Broker Gray Shorts $28
Broker Navy Shorts $34
Broker Green Shorts $36
Broker Brown Shorts $32
Item Price
Feud Green Boxers $10
Feud White Boxers $10
Item Price
Gray Athletic Shoes $45
Black Two-Tone Athletic Shoes $35
Cyan Athletic Shoes $40
Orange Sneakers $50
Black Sneakers $50
Desert Green Sneakers $50
Mint Sneakers $50
Freeway Sneakers $50
Animal Fashion Sneakers $50
Feud Classic Sneakers $50
Cacao Blend Sneakers $50
Magnetics Sneakers $50
Blue Sneakers $50
White Sneakers $50
Winter Camo Sneakers $50
Forest Camo Sneakers $50
Soft Seas Sneakers $50
Latte Sneakers $50
Green Skate Sneakers $25
Two-Tone Skate Sneakers $20
Black Skate Sneakers $24
Blue Skate Sneakers $25
Orange Accent Skate Sneakers $27
Red Skate Sneakers $29
Orange Skate Sneakers $27
Mocha Skate Sneakers $25
Black Skate Sneakers $30
Fresh Skate Sneakers $28
Green Skate Sneakers $30
Item Price
Feud Black Fitted Cap $25
LS Black Fitted Cap $25
LS Corkers Fitted Cap $28
LS White Fitted Cap $28
Feud Green Fitted Cap $30
LS Olive Fitted Cap $35
Item Price
Tinted Aviator Glasses $55
Silver Aviator Glasses $55
Sepia Aviator Glasses $58
Blue Aviator Glasses $58
Yellow Aviator Glasses $60
Gray Aviator Glasses $62
Black Aviator Glasses $65
Slate Aviator Glasses $68
Smoke Aviator Glasses $68
Gold Aviator Glasses $72


Polo Shirts
Item Price
Turquoise Striped Polo Shirt $25
Green Striped Polo Shirt $22
Green Polo Shirt $27
Aqua Polo Shirt $25
Brown Striped Polo Shirt $27
Pink Striped Polo Shirt $27
Mustard Polo Shirt $22
Topaz Striped Polo Shirt $27
Navy Striped Polo Shirt $25
Turquoise Two-Tone Polo Shirt $25
Pink Polo Shirt $22
Item Price
Yellow T-Shirt $25
Charcoal T-Shirt $15
Cerveza Barracho T-Shirt $25
Liberty City Wrath T-Shirt $25
Pump & Run T-Shirt $22
Atomic T-Shirt $22
LS Nuclear T-Shirt $20
Zancudo T-Shirt $20
West Coast Classics T-Shirt $24
BC Talk Radio T-Shirt $26
Animal Ark T-Shirt $28
Rimmers T-Shirt $29
Paperclips T-Shirt $22
Pop's Pills T-Shirt $20
Bowling Shirts
Item Price
Burgundy Bowling Shirt $40
Tan Bowling Shirt $32
Skull Bowling Shirt $38
Beige Bowling Shirt $29
Pink Bowling Shirt $35
White Bowling Shirt $32
Purple Bowling Shirt $32
Crimson Bowling Shirt $32
Pale Blue Bowling Shirt $35
Cream Bowling Shirt $29
Cube Bowling Shirt $32
Blue Bowling Shirt $35
Yellow Bowling Shirt $32
Scarab Bowling Shirt $38
Black Bowling Shirt $40
Item Price
Dark Chevrons Sweater $35
Zingy Chevrons Sweater $38
Rainbow Field Sweater $40
Dark Field Sweater 42
Animal Strip Sweater $50
Bill Brown Sweater $45
Mint Argyle Sweater $45
Gray Argyle Sweater $44
Grape Eighties Sweater $46
Geometric Eighties Sweater $52
Item Price
Peyton Blue Blouson $32
Overlooked Red Blouson $39
Natural Blouson $40
Sky Blue Blouson $42
Deep Green Blouson
Champagne Driver Blouson $48
Snakeskin Blouson $52
Desert Brown Blouson $55
Shirts and Suits
Item Price
Blue Two-Tone Shirt $35
Circles Shirt $40
Gray Two-Tone Shirt $45
Mustard Shirt $45
Blue Checkered Shirt $49
Monogrammed Shirt $40
Beige Suit $119
Blue Suit $99
Brown Plaid Suit $129
Burgundy Cheap Suit $125
Murky Plaid Cheap Suit $120
Mint Plaid Cheap Suit $139
Green Plaid Cheap Suit $149
Blue-Gray Cheap Suit $145
Caramel Cheap Suit $140
Mocha Cheap Suit $135
Tops and Shorts
Item Price
Yellow Tank Top $19
Blue Birds Tank Top $20
Orange Pattern Tank Top $19
Blue Stars Tank Top $22
Aqua Pattern Tank Top $20
Degenatron Tank Top $28
Taco Libre Tank Top $28
Pussycat Tank Top $25
Lemon Pattern Tank Top $22
Charcoal Tank Top $19
Off-White Tank Top $22
Banded Tank Top $19
Orange Tank Top $20
Camo Tank Top $25
Indigo Tank Top $20
Liberty Cocks Tank Top $28
Black Shorts $15
Pale Blue Shorts $15
Orange Shorts $15
Blue Shorts $15
Slate Shorts $15
Green Shorts $15
Crimson Shorts $15
Pale Blue Strie Shorts $15
Item Price
Brown Work ants $58
Charcoal Work Pants $68
Gray Work Pants $65
Tan Work Pants $60
Blue Work Pants $65
Ash Work Pants $63
White Work Pants $60
Beige Work Pants $63
Item Price
Green Briefs $12
Gray Briefs $12
Leopardskin Briefs $22
Impotent Rage Briefs $18
Pink Leopardskin Briefs $20
Item Price
Pink Dress $39
White Floral Dress $42
Purple Zebra Dress $49
Cream Dress $35
Item Price
Snakeskin Chukka Boots $22
Crocodile Skin Boots $58
Cowboy Boots $72
Yellow Reptile Skin Boots $68
Reptile Skin Boots $60
Gray Chukka Boots $45
Brown Chukka Boots $65
Item Price
Hawk and Little Baseball Cap $20
Taco Bomb Baseball Cap $25
Nut House Baseball Cap $25
Rusty Brown's Baseball Cap $22
Bishop's Chicken Baseball Cap $20
24/7 Baseball Cap $25
iFruit Baseball Cap $28
Blarneys Baseball Cap $24
Pisswasser Baseball Cap $25
RON Baseball Cap $22
Logger Light Baseball Cap $18
Meteorite Baseball Cap $20
Dusche Gold Baseball Cap $24
Barracho Baseball Cap $22
Vespucci Beach Baseball Cap $25
Orang-O-Tang Baseball Cap $25
Item Price
Specs Pest Shades $45
Dix Brown Glasses $50
Dix Black Glasses $55
Dix Checked Glasses $52
Dix White Glasses $54
Dix Red Glasses $54
Dix Maroon Glasses $55
Dix Yellow Glasses $55
Dix Spring Glasses $58
Dix Fall Glasses $58
Broker Black Shades $49
Broker Purple Shades $50
Broker Brown Shades $52
Broker Orange Shades $55
Broker Gray Shades $60
Broker Striped Shades $58
Broker Beige Shades $60
Broker ASh Shades $63
Broker Charcoal Shades $65
Broker Gradient Shades $68

Locations in GTA IV

Locations in GTA V

See Also


  • The Overlooked Red Blouson is a reference to the film The Shining, where the main character, Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson), is wearing a similiar one.
  • The Champagne Driver Blouson is a reference of the jacket worn by the unnamed driver (Ryan Gosling) from the movie Drive, but instead of a scorpion in the back, the jacket is sporting a crab.
  • In GTA V, this is Trevor's favorite place to shop, as mentioned in a conversation between Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips about Trevor being a "hipster" in the mission Paleto Score Setup.
  • The radio that plays inside all the Checkout! stores is Los Santos Rock Radio.

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