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Dominic Beasley
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online
Full name: Dominic Beasley
Also known as: Dom
The Dominator
Status: Deceased


Home: Los Santos
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Family: Unnamed Daughter
Main affiliation: Jeff
Franklin Clinton
Glenn Scoville
GTA Online Protagonist
Businesses: Hedge Fund Manager
Voiced by: Tony von Halle

Dominic "Dom" Beasley is a side character in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online and boss of multiple Strangers and Freaks missions. Completing his mission "Risk Assessment" unlocks the Parachute Jumps throughout San Andreas.

Dom describes himself as "not an adrenaline junkie", but rather, a "control junkie". He is constantly seen engaging in high-risk activities such as skydiving and racing dirtbikes. His day job is as a hedge fund manager, and he is equally competitive and egotistical in both settings. He apparently has an illegitimate daughter with a woman named Karen Lichti, who posts in his LifeInvader page in an attempt to track him down.

Throughout GTA Online, Dom will contact the player via cellphone calls, inviting him to extreme base jump events located at the Parachute markers. Each call will involve him bragging about how he either has or is about to pull off a parachute jump before inviting the player to complete it with him. After the call, a specific Parachuting waypoint will be highlighted.

During the Single Player mode, Franklin Clinton is introduced to Dom when a dog (that Franklin converses with, and only he ever sees) leads Franklin to Dom, who is tied up after crashing his parachute into a tree. Immediately after being rescued, Dom pressures Franklin into parachuting with him, setting up his first mission. He later dies in his last mission when he jumps off of the Land Act Dam without a parachute and ends up falling to his death.



  • If Trevor captures bail bond target Glenn Scoville alive, Scoville reveals that he knows Dom. This possibly explains why Glenn is also an extreme sports enthusiast like Dom.
  • Dom's death could be a suicide based on the fact that he showed no remorse or terror while jumping to his death.
  • The word Dom means stupid in Dutch, which is ironic since in the mission Uncalculated Risk, Dom doesn't use a parachute and dies in his last Strangers and Freaks mission at Land Act Dam.
  • His death is reported in the Daily Globe by Forrest Simon.
  • If called in GTA Online, his answer message will be: "You've reached the Dominator. Call back when I'm not making history."
    • It is the same answer message as it is in Singleplayer.


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