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Flag of the Dominican Republic
Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers
Dominicain gang member
Games: Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Locations: Northwood, Algonquin
North Holland, Algonquin
East Holland, Algonquin
Presidents City, Algonquin
South Bohan, Bohan
Fortside, Bohan
Cerveza Heights, Dukes
Willis, Dukes
Schottler, Broker
Beechwood City, Broker
Acter, Alderney
Leader: Willy Valerio
Type: Dominican-American Drug Cartel
Enemies: Pegorino crime family
North Holland Hustlers
East Holland Drug Gang
Korean Mob
Jamaican Posse
Affiliations: Spanish Lords
Ray Boccino (Formerly)
Al Di Napoli (Customer)
Luis Fernando Lopez
The Lost MC
Vehicles: Almost any car model, depending on area.
Weapons: Knife
Combat Shotgun
Carbine Rifle
Advanced MG
Gold SMG
Assault Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Businesses: Drug-trafficking
Fronts: Garage in Northwood
Members: Willy Valerio
Teddy Benavidez
Oscar Gomez
Alonso Gomez
Armando Torres
Henrique Bardas
Luis Lopez (Formerly)

The Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers is gang featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The gang is a part of a drug dealing operation led by Willy Valerio. Valerio's captain's are the Gomez brothers: Alonso and Oscar. The small crew looks more likely to be a Dominican part (or counterpart) of the larger Spanish Lords Hispanic street gang. The gang is also said to be involved in underground streetfighting. Luis Lopez, the Dominican bodyguard of club owner and Ancelottis associate "Gay" Tony Prince, formerly associated with the gang but mentions in The Ballad of Gay Tony that he hasn't worked or spoken with them in years, and the gang may in fact be defunct.

They look similar to members of the Spanish Lords, but with slight difference. They have the T-shirts, baseball coats and hats like the Spanish Lords, but don't have the short fat man or the tall heavy coat one. Members of ND3, wear heavy coats varying in colors black, red, or yellow and wear baseball caps and head bandanas. Unlike the Lost MC, if you shoot a member of ND3 they will shoot back with either 9mms or uzis. ND3 also use knifes during hand-to-hand combat. In one of the club management missions in The Ballad Of Gay Tony, Oscar Gomez appears with another ND3 member. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, Luis's friends Henrique Bardas and Armando Torres decide to attempt to turn their small time street corner drug dealing business into a new gang of Northwood based drug dealers. Luis helps them achieve this via the "Drug Wars" side missions.


The Northwood Dominicans could be a play of the real-life Trinitarios who are also a Dominican gang situated at New York and New Jersey and operates at the Washinton Heights district, same as where Northwood is. 

Members and associates


Missions appearances



  • Even though their name suggests, they spawn more in North Holland near Teddy Benavidez's apartment block. This also applies to the North Holland Hustlers as they spawn more in Northwood.
  • The members of this gang in the mission A Long Way to Fall, are using the same pedestrian models as members of the Spanish Lords.
  • ND3 gang members will attack or shoot at other different gang members whenever they are present in the same area - if any kind of trouble occurs between them (e.g. if a shot is fired, or a street fight). In Schottler, and Beechwood in Broker, and in Willis in Dukes, sometimes gun battles will erupt between ND3 and Jamaican Posse gang members. In Acter in Alderney, gun battles will also sometimes occur between ND3 gang members and the Alderney chapter of the Hustlers. ND3 gang members and the Spanish Lords never attack or shoot at each other, and they will fight and attack enemies along side each other. This is possibly more than likely due to both gangs being very closely affiliated to each other by having a common Hispanic identity and heritage. However, ironically and interestingly enough, they will still attack or shoot at Luis if he has trouble with a Spanish Lord, even though Luis is Hispanic and of Dominican descent himself.
  • ND3 gang members will walk up close to a wounded enemy on the floor after a shootout, and then follow up with a coup de grace to finish them off with more gunshots ( Jamaican Posse gang members also do this, but only in the Ballad Of Gay Tony). ND3 gang members have even been seen to shoot and kill any innocent bystander who happened to witness them gun down their rivals.
  • Despite their relatively small size compared to other GTA IV-era gangs, they are the only gang in the GTA IV-era that are found virtually everywhere on the map. ND3 gang members have a presence in every Liberty City borough, and in certain parts of Alderney.
  • They can be heard in conversation among themselves making comments indicating that they used to control the drug trade in the Firefly Projects in Broker at some point in the past. They say something along the lines of, " Back in the day, we used to have the Firefly Projects on lock ". However, ND3 gang members have no presence in the present-day Firefly Projects, it is strictly Hustlers gang territory as it stands in the game.
  • They are one of the more fearsome and ruthless gangs in the GTA IV-era, and they very rarely run from a fight or confrontation with anyone. ND3 gang members are very often armed with guns, and very rarely with knives. If Luis just bumps into ND3 gang members, even by accident, they will silently eye him up with mean looks for a very short moment, before shooting or attacking him.

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