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Downtown Chopper Checkpoint

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Little Haiti Chopper Checkpoint

Chopper Checkpoints are side missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, only accessible after the mission Rub Out. They are started by entering parked Sparrows around the city. There are a total of four different chopper checkpoints, and all of them have similar objectives. The player must fly the Sparrow through a series of checkpoints. There are no time limits, and all four are required for 100% completion. The player is rewarded $100 for completing the course.


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Ocean Beach Chopper Checkpoint


  • The Downtown Chopper Checkpoint can be done before the mission "G-Spotlight". You can get a Sparrow (from another Chopper Checkpoint) and park it in the position where the helicopter would spawn in the future. If you land it in the correct position, the mission will start a few seconds after entering the chopper.

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