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Appearance(s): GTA 2
Full name: Dr.Labrat
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Place of birth: Anywhere City
Date of death: 2013
Home: Anywhere City
Nationality: Possibly Icelandic
Main affiliation: Scientists
Claude Speed
Vehicle(s): Black Meteor
Businesses: Scientists Research Center

Dr.LaBrat is the leader of the Scientists. The Scientists are at war with The Zaibatsu Corporation but are constantly targeted by the Rednecks. LaBrat gets his revenge when he sends Claude to disrupt a meeting between the Rednecks and the Zaibatsus. Eventually, LaBrat and the scientists defeat the Rednecks leaving them to target the Zaibatsus. All three gangs are weakened by Claude, leading to LaBrat, Billy Bob Bean and Red Valdez leading an unsuccessful attack on Claude, in which all three gang leaders die.

His appearance resembles famous scientist Albert Einstein, and his name is a play on lab rat.

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