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Zhou: "We've made a withdrawal that the bank found somewhat disagreeable. Terrible customer service. I won't bank here again. Do you have that costume?"
Huang: "Sure. You've just robbed a bank. Forget about the getaway car - concentrate on looking like a doofus. And you're the intelligent one?"
Zhou: "You have no imagination, Huang. You're like a robot."
Zhou Ming and Huang Lee making an escape

Dragon Haul Z is a mission given to the player by Zhou Ming in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


First, meet up with Zhou Ming in Lower Easton. He tells you that his gang is planning a heist at the Bank of Liberty and to escape from the cops and avoid police detection, he plans to escape with Huang, and his gang through a Chinatown Festival in a festive costume. He tells Huang to steal one of the costumes that is being transported.

A truck transporting a costume will be marked on your radar, be sure to damage it enough so that the drivers get out, but not enough to destroy it, after you steal the truck, take it to the alley behind the bank.

Once you, Zhou, and his gang dress up in the dragon outfit, you'll be in a part of Chinatown to rehearse and get used to controlling the dragon. You'll need to walk to certain marked waypoints to follow the performance order, and when you need to turn around, or breathe fire, use the shown controls to perform each move.

After you are finished the rehearsal, you will move into a street, using what you learned previously, perform each move, trying not to raise the suspicion bar. After going through the street, the gang will split up and Zhou will thank you for your help.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Zhou's raid is due to start soon. Intercept the delivery truck
  • Stop the truck, but don't destroy the costume
  • Go to the Bank Of Liberty
  • Head for the waypoint
  • Head for the waypoint
  • Head for the special move marker
  • Head for the waypoint
  • Head for the special move marker
  • Head for the waypoint
  • Head for the special move marker
  • Head for the waypoint
  • Head for the special move marker
  • Make your way through the parade without blowing your cover


The reward for completing this mission is $1000. The mission The Offshore Offload is unlocked (after completing Sa-boat-age).


  • This mission's name is based off "Dragon Ball Z", a popular anime from Japan, but it works well; Dragon costume, Truck hauling, Z(hou).
  • This might be the second time the Chinatown branch of Bank of Liberty is robbed in-game, the first time done in GTA IV during the mission Three Leaf Clover.

Mission Replay description

"Zhou robbed the Bank of Liberty and escaped using an 'ingenius' disguise.

I stole a dragon costume and we used that to mingle with the crowd during the Chinatown celebrations.

It worked! I'm not sure who's more stupid - Zhou or the crowd."'


Video Walkthroughs

Dragon Haul Z
GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 33 - Dragon Haul Z07:56

GTA Chinatown Wars - Walkthrough - Mission 33 - Dragon Haul Z

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