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The Laser Sniper in Vice City Stories.

The Dragunov or alternatively SVD-1 is a sniper rifle featured only in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It replaces the PSG-1 from GTA Vice City, to fit the time period (1984). The weapon is referred to as "Laser Sniper" in-game and fires faster than its regular counterpart. It holds 7 rounds per magazine and also appears as a rampage weapon.


Icon gta vcs

The HUD for the Laser Sniper in Gta Vice City Stories.


  • For some reason, the red dot will become a non-transparent, red pixelated texture dot when aimed on the water. This is most likey a glitch. 
  • The HUD looks like the PSG-1 from GTA Vice City showing that Rockstar was intending to use a PSG in Vice City Stories, but then cut it becuse it would not fit the time period.

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