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Drug Observation Agency
Common name: Drug Observation Agency
Abbreviation: DOA
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto V
Type: Law-Enforcement
Vehicle(s): Burrito (Series A Funding)

The Drug Observation Agency (DOA), also known as the Bureau of Narcotics, is a Law Enforcement Agency mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The agency appears to based off of the real life Drug Enforcement Administration. It plays a small role in both of the HD Universe games it was featured in and plays no role in the story of either.

Events of GTA IV

Only one mention of the DOA exists in GTA IV and that's on the LCPD sub-station in Star Junction.

Events of GTA Online

The DOA makes its only appearance in the finale of heist mission 'Series A Funding'. During the final pre-completion cutscene, players deliver their stolen drugs to Trevor. Later, Trevor is seen dealing the drugs to a strange man who, unbenowenst to Trevor, is an undercover DOA agent. After catching on, Trevor escapes by jumping off of a cliff into the ocean, with a team of DOA agents and LSPD police officers shooting at him from atop the cliff.

Events of GTA V

The DOA makes irregular anti-drug use bleets on Bleeter.




  • The Abbreviation "DOA" is often used to describe projects with little to no chance of success or "Dead On Arrival"
  • The logo of the agency has an eye on the top. This is referencing the "observation" part of the name.
  • Although the DOA is a separate division from the LSPD, LSPD officers are seen shooting at Trevor in 'Series A Funding' instead of DOA agents. This is most likely due to lack of character models.

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