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The Dukes Laundromat is a laundromat on Harrison Street in East Island City, Dukes in Grand Theft Auto IV. It does not play any role in the game's main storyline.


The laundromat is close to the Steinway Beer Garden. It is to the exact left of the Dukes end of the East Borough Bridge.


  • The laundromat is one of three laundromats accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV, the others being the Alderney Laundromat, and the Hove Beach Laundromat.
  • The laundromat is very identical to the other two laundromats, the only difference being a different cashier.
  • The Cash Register in the back of the store can be opened for $9-$199.
  • The Cash Register in the store usually contains more money than the other two laundromats.

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