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Editor and Thief
Game: Grand Theft Auto Online
For: Martin Madrazo
Location: Los Santos
Target: Editor, Photographs
Conditions of mission failure: Team runs out of lives.
The photographs are destroyed.
Reward: JP 16

$4,500. RP ? (Easy)
$5,625. RP ? (Normal)
$6,750. RP ? (Hard)
(x2 on first attempt)
(RP given for playing alone, different multipliers apply when playing with others, crew mates or friends)

Protagonist(s): 1-2 Players
Unlocked by: Achieving level 45.
"I thought the "journalists" in Los Santos had more important agendas, like keeping celebrity out of rehab and actors in the closet. How my humble interests interest them, I don't know. Help me quieten down the editor of the Daily Globe before he shares his exclusive with the LSPD in La Mesa. And bring me his photos."
— Description

Editor and Thief is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Martin Madrazo. It is available from 1 to 2 players.


The team has to go to the Daily Globe offices. There the editor will be driving around in his car. The team has to kill him and pick up the photographs. Then, the team has to lose the cops and deliver the photographs to Madrazo's house to complete the job.  

Mission objectives

  • Go to the Daily Globe offices.
  • Take out the editor.
  • Steal the photographs.
  • Deliver the photographs to Madrazo's house.


  • The name of the mission is a reference to the term editor and chief. 

Video walkthrough

GTA Online - Mission - Editor and Thief Hard Difficulty06:01

GTA Online - Mission - Editor and Thief Hard Difficulty


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