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El Burro

El Burro ("The Donkey" in Spanish) is a character in Grand Theft Auto 1 and is a homosexual Mexican living in the Aye Valley area of San Andreas. El Burro is in a feud with Uncle Fu and his nephew No Chin. No Chin even attacks El Burro's Love Wagon. El Burro gives missions to the protagonist. These missions include destroying buses, a Yakuza Limousine and a drugs lab; killing Paco, Pepe, Jorge, Jose, Pedro, Alfonso, Rodrigo and Mike Tallon. In a mission for Samuel Deever, he can be murdered by the protagonist due to him drug dealing with the Rastas.


  • Many believed that the El Burro in GTA III could be an alternate universe version of the El Burro In GTA 1, but in page 16 of the GTA III manual saying "El Burro is back" prove otherwise.

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