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Elitás Travel
Elitás Travel-GTAV
Name: Elitás Travel
Type: Aircraft Retailer
Founded: 1998
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
GTA Online
Locations: Los Santos
"...A wide range of aircraft are available for your travel and aerial transport needs. Log onto and purchase luxury aircraft from the Luxor and Shamal jetliners to high-end helicopters and more."
―Rockstar Games

Elitás Travel is an online aircraft retailer in Grand Theft Auto V. Elitás provides the player with planes and helicopters. Buying from Elitás is mostly very expensive, but give the player the opportunity to always have a privately owned aircraft waiting 24/7.

Buying an aircraft from Elitás will also distinguish out of other planes and helicopters, since the color they have rarely spawns on another aircraft. If you stalk Elitas Travel on Lifeinvader, you receive an in-game coupon for 10% off any purchase from the site.

About Elitás

Elitás Travel is the online leader in executive aviation sales, serving the needs of the high-maintenance luxury traveler for over 15 years. Flying commercial is the new economy class. Claw back some self-respect by going private today. The aircraft of your dreams is just a click away. Our all-new website is launching soon with a top fleet of new and pre-owned aircraft. Upscale luxury liners, military grade choppers, sporty stunt gliders – we have got it all.

Now servicing the greater Los Santos area, we are offering a special one-time deal for all LS-area customers who own private hangars: STALK this page here at Lifeinvader and get 10% off your first Elitás purchase. Be the sole member of your own mile-high club today! Why do you think autopilot was invented?

Elitás Air Travel in GTA Online

In GTA Online you can't buy hangars or helipads, but you can still purchase an aircraft from Elitas. After reaching a certain level in the game, the player will be contacted by Pegasus, in which the company's contact will be added to your phonebook.

As soon as you've bought an aircraft from Elitas Air Travel, you just need to phone Pegasus and the requested aircraft will spawn at the nearest runway/helipad.


Type Name Single Player Price Online Price Availability Image
Planes Mammoth Dodo $500,000 $500,000 Story Mode and Online (Enhanced Version only) Dodo-GTAV-Front
Helicopters Buckingham Swift $1,600,000 (either livery) $1,500,000 (Classic)
$1,600,000 (Flying Bravo)
Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online Swift-classic-heil-gtav
Planes Western Company Besra $658,000 $1,150,000 Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online Besra-GTAV-frontview
Planes Buckingham Miljet $1,750,000 $1,700,000 Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online Miljet-GTAV-frontview
Planes Buckingham Vestra $950,000 $950,000 Story Mode (Enhanced Version only) and Online Vestra-GTAV-frontview
Planes Western Company Duster $275,000 $275,000 Story Mode and Online Cropduster-GtaV-front
Planes Buckingham Shamal $1,150,000 $1,150,000 Story Mode and Online Shamal-GTAV-blue
Planes Western Company Cuban 800 $240,000 $240,000 Story Mode and Online Cuban800-GTAV-Front
Planes Buckingham Luxor $1,500,000 $1,625,000 Story Mode and Online BuckinghamLuxor-GTAV-front
Planes Western Company Mallard $250,000 $250,000 Story Mode and Online Stuntplane-GTAV-Inflight
Helicopters Maibatsu Frogger $1,300,000 $1,300,000 Story Mode and Online Frogger-GTAV-Front
Helicopters Buckingham Maverick $780,000 $780,000 Story Mode and Online Maverick-GTAV-front
Helicopters Western Company Annihilator N/A $1,825,000 Online Only Annihilator-GTAV-LSIA
Planes Jobuilt Mammatus N/A $300,000 Online Only Mammatus-GTAV
Planes Titan N/A $2,000,000 Online Only Titan-GTAV-Front
Planes Jobuilt Velum N/A $450,000 Online Only Velum-GTAV



  • An Elitás Travel t-shirt can be aquired in GTA Online, after the player complete all of the ten Flight School missions that where added with The San Andreas Flight School Update. The t-shirt will be available for free in any of the clothing stores, after the missions are finished.
  • The Titan is the most expensive vehicle in GTA Online.

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