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This article is about a side mission in GTA San Andreas. For the side mission in GTA III, see Import/Export, for the side mission in GTA Vice City, see Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

Import and Export map

Exports and Imports are a series of side-missions which become available after Customs Fast Track for Cesar Vialpando.

To export a vehicle, grab a vehicle able to export (usually called wanted at the board near the crane) then park it near the magnetic dockside crane in Easter Basin, San Fierro. Enter the magnetic dockside crane, then move and lower the magnet to pick up the vehicle you want to export. After attaching the magnet to the vehicle, maneuver the vehicle using the crane to the tanker. (Alternately, you can simply drive the vehicle up the ramp leading to the boat; however, some vehicles are too big or long to drive up the ramp.) Carefully drive the car onto the marker. A message will then display that you have successfully exported that vehicle. You will receive money, depending on the type and condition of the car.

When a vehicle is wanted for export, it will spawn at a specific location within San Andreas and will keep on spawning there until it has been exported.  A lot of the time, those vehicles will be locked or alarmed.

Money is deducted for any damage, so it's a good idea to take the car through the Pay 'n' Spray behind Wang Cars, to repair damage. Alternatively, fix the cars in your garage to save money. It's a good habit to do this with every car obtained for the mission, even if no damage occurs while Carl is driving it, as unnoticed damage can occur to parked and computer-driven vehicles off screen before Carl obtains them.

Wanted Lists

Each wanted list consists of ten different vehicles needed for export. They range from motorbikes to sports cars, and from common to rare.

List 1

List 2

List 3


  • Cash is awarded for each car successfully delivered, ranging from $10,000 to $135,000 (with cash deducted if the vehicle is delivered with damage). The player will receive a large cash bonus for completion of each of the lists, ranging from $100,000 to $200,000 per list.
  • Delivering a vehicle will unlock a new vehicle being made available for import on certain days. These vehicles range from the vehicle which has just been delivered to the dock, to rare vehicles Carl may only be able to obtain via import which become available for every five cars delivered. These vehicles may be purchased on certain days of the week only, and may be bought during or after completion of the sub-mission by returning to the blackboard. Vehicles purchased appear on the deck of the freighter, requiring Carl to either use the crane or attempt to drive them down the ramp.
  • Exporting all 30 vehicles is a requirement for 100% completion of the game.

Import List

Day Vehicle Cost
Sunday Club $28,000
Sanchez $8,000
Remington $24,000
Tanker $28,000
Stafford $28,000
Vortex $20,800
Monday Perennial $20,000
Camper $20,800
Feltzer $28,000
Sabre $15,200
Turismo $76,000
BF Injection $12,000
Tuesday Jester $28,000
Infernus $76,000
Admiral $28,000
Bandito $12,000
Huntley $32,000
Freeway $8,000
Wednesday Club $28,000
Buffalo $28,000
Windsor $28,000
Cheetah $84,000
Super GT $84,000
Journey $17,600
Thursday Perennial $8,000
Monster Truck $32,000
Blista Compact $28,000
Stallion $15,200
Blade $15,200
Mesa $20,000
Friday Jester $28,000
Sentinel $28,000
Rancher $32,000
Slamvan $15,200
ZR-350 $36,000
Euros $28,000
Saturday Stretch $32,000
Patriot $32,000
FCR-900 $8,000
Comet $28,000
Banshee $36,000
Bullet $84,000


  • Most of vehicles that you buy/have to deliver will have a rare license plate. Many of them seem to be names and initials, presumably of Rockstar employees. Here are many variants and translations:
    • BR0_DICK - Bro Dick
    • MR_J0BBY - Mr. Jobby
    • BR0_D1E_ - Bro Die
    • BAW_BAG_ - Baw Bag (Scottish slang for 'scrotum')
    • ZID_ANE_ - Zinedine Zidane
    • _GA_ZZA_ - Gazza (nickname of football player Paul Gascoigne, former Rangers FC player)
    • _AMAT0__ - Amato (after Gabriel Amato, former Rangers FC player)
    • AM0_RUS0 - Amoruso (after Lorenzo Amoruso, Rangers FC legend)
    • _ARRAN__ - Arran
    • GL4S_G0W - Glasgow
    • R4N_G3RS - Rangers
    • MC_C01ST - McCoist (after Ally McCoist, Rangers FC legend)
    • N13_LLF_ - Nie Life
    • _DS3MP__ - ?
    • _CMACD1_ - ?
    • __C0S___ - ?
    • _X2_GAV_ - ?
    • __G3PO__ - G3PO (A parody of C3PO)
    • D0N_D0N_ - Don Don
    • _D0_NNY_ - Donny
    • TH3_D0N_ - The Don
    • SJM1985 - ?
    • 433_ADF_ - ?
    • DR_F_MBE - Doctor F MBE
    • ANN_F3RG - Ann Ferg (Ferguson)
    • __FR4Z__ - Phrase
    • _IMY_AK_ - I ♥ My AK
    • _L0LLY__ - Lolly
    • _J_L33S_ -  J Lees
    • S4_LIJON - Sally Jon ?
    • DI5CO5TU - Disco Stu
    • SM53_NUV - Seems New
    • J3NYTAL5 - Genitals
    • _J3_NCF_ - ?
    • DD0_N4LD - Duck Donald
    • LA5H_L3Y - Lash Ley
    • AL3X_RES - Alex ?
    • R_F3RG1E - R Fergie (Ferguson)
    • H4_NNAHF - Hannah F
    • CL41_RES - Claire S
    • R055_MCL - Ross McL
    • T00_FAST - Too Fast

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