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The Faction in GTA IV.
(Rear quarter view)
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 2-door coupé
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Appearance(s) Grand Theft Auto IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Manufacturer Willard (HD Universe)
Related vehicle(s) Willard

The Willard Faction is a two-door coupé found in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Faction badges

The Faction is designed as a 1980's American sports coupe, depicted with a T-Top roof and front end fog lights. Some Factions are also equipped with a small hood scoop.

The Faction resembles a 1982-1987 Buick Regal (similar to the Majestic in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). Details and portions of the design take cues from the Buick Grand National and Regal T-Type.



Engine view.

Powered by a turbocharged 6.6 L V8 engine, the Faction is a fun car to drive with a high-torque engine up front. Combined with the FR drivetrain, handbrake turns are smooth yet controllable. ABS is standard, giving the brakes good stopping ability. Top speed is 195 mph (313 km/h), and is reached fairly quickly due to its high acceleration.




  • After collecting all thirty cars for Stevie he agrees to purchase cars from Niko Bellic, with the Faction fetching $1,800.
  • The two default radio stations in the Faction are Electro-Choc and Radio Broker.
  • This is the first and only vehicle in the GTA series with a dealership badge, as there is a badge reading "Liberty City Willard" on the rear.
  • The Faction is one of a few vehicles in GTA IV that has a burnt out "wrecked" version, seen as a rusted shell in junkyards. This version of the car also appears in GTA V, but with better textures.
  • The beta name for the Faction was possibly Majestic, having the same real life basis.
  • The Faction bears many similarities to the HD-era Sabre. In fact, beater Sabres in GTA IV seem to have been repaired using parts from the Faction, including a cowl induction hood.
  • The car is absent from Grand Theft Auto V along with every other Willard branded car, however a police scanner file named "0x10532F0B" mentions it by name, indicating that it has possibly been cut.

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